Monday, 19 November 2012

Liebester and Versatile awards!

Liebster Award
1) Each person must post 11 things about themselves
2) Answer the questions that the norminator set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you've nominated to answer
3) Choose 11 people and link them in your post
4) Go to their page and tell them
5) No Tag backs
Versatile Blogger
1) Every blogger nominated has been awarded this award
2) You must thank the blogger that nominated you and include a link to their blog
3) Select 15 bloggers and post links to their blog
4) You must post 7 things about yourself
First thing first thank you so much to Samantha for nominating me! It's so nice to get these awards as it means people actually read my ramblings on my blog, so thank you to everyone!
This is gonna be a bit of a mash-up of both these awards, so enjoy!
1) I seriously own way too many clothes... my wardrobe creaks every time I open it.
2) My car is called Clive and he's pretty awesome.
3) I have the strangest music tastes (Take That, Paramore and Chris Brown, to name a few strange ones!)
4) I'm really nosey
5) I sing and dance to myself, alot. My friends hate it coz I embarrass them too much!
6) I always have a snack and bottle of water in my bag wherever I go, just in case I get the munchies!
7) I talk to my animals and I swear they understand me and sometimes talk back...
8) I'm not as crazy as I sound, I'm actually quite boring and normal..... I think!
1) What is your favourite perfume?
Floral by Paul Smith, although I may have to find a new one as it's been discontinued :(
2) What is your favourite drink?
Black current Squash! haha I don't like tea or coffee!
3) Using 1 word, how would you describe yourself?
4) Do you prefer cookies or cake?
5) Noodles or Sushi?
6) Heels or flats?
Well considering that I can hardly even walk in heels, it'll have to be flats and I have quite a good range!
7) Favourite shoe shop?
Has to be New Look, they have special wide fit shoes! haha
8) Favourite  clothes shop?
Ooohh that's a hard one! I have three, Zara, Primark and Topshop!
9) Chocolate or sweets?
Sweets! My fav is the sugary cherries or sour skittles!
10) Top 5 favourite blogs?
Blog tagging time!
All these blogs I'd definitely recommend! I love reading all the new posts they do :)
Finally my questions:
1) One piece of clothing or accessory that you will never ever throw away?
2) Number one beauty product?
3) 3 reasons why you have your blog?
4) Favourite shop?
5) Skirts or shorts?
6) If you could be anything in the world what would it be?
7) Smart or Casual?
8) Harry Potter or Twilight?
9) If you could meet any celebrity who would it be and why?
10) Your best tip or quote.
Phew! All finished now! Hope everyone enjoyed reading this as much as I liked writing it!
Rhiannon xxx


  1. Congrats :D I LOVE that your car is called Clive. Thank you so much for nominating me and for the little mention too, love your blog as well :) xxx

    1. Aw thanks! he's my baby! haha No worries, thank you :) xx


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