Monday, 26 November 2012

Headaches and Stress

Jumper: Primark
Top: International
Jeans: M&S
So today started off good, got up, had a shower then the stress began! Most of the time I decide what I'm going to wear when in the shower but today I had no idea then spent ages choosing, I was almost late! I blame the weather! haha It's sooo unpredictable I can't decide what to wear anymore! I love this top, it's so pretty and girly. I wore this with my green parka and black biker boots to toughen it up a bit! haha
So I started off thinking that I should be okay school work wise, nothing too big to do this week, then I realised how much time we have left until Christmas! Only 4 school weeks! Eeek! I've got so much to do before then, plus add on the Christmas presents and work then I'll literally have no free time to do anything :( And to top it off I have a headache thinking about it all! I think that's probably because I haven't drunk anything for most of the day and have been staring at this screen for too long! On that note I'm off to have a relaxing bath then I'm a Celebrity and bed!
Rhiannon xxx


  1. I love your top, it's so pretty! Aw I'm stressed too, so much to do but so little time aye? I'm sure you'll get it all sorted! xxx

  2. I love your tee and cardi lovely! Aw don't worry, i think a load of us are in the same boat at the minute. It's because of January exams and stuff. However try and find some time to do something for you! For example when you come home from school take an hour to do some exercise (which releases endorphins), or to just have a cuppa and do some reading. Also another thing you can do is try and do the homework the night you get it, unless it's coursework which is to be done over weeks then make a plan to have certain parts done by a specific time! Also keeping everything organised helps alot! Sorry for the long ramble, hope i've helped! xxx

    1. Thanks for the advice! I'll definitely take some time out this week! I'm usually good at keeping organised but things have gotten on top of me recently but hopefully things will improve!! xxx


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