Sunday, 4 November 2012

Dobrý den, z Prahy!

The masses of meat we ate on the first night/ St Wenceslas Square/ Prague Castle/ Prague/ Astronomical Tower/ Charles Bridge/ Mum and Me/ Old Town/ Prague Castle and Charles Bridge
I'd sum this holiday up in one word: Cold!! We literally got off the plane and it was already snowing! Throughout the 4 days we were there it did brighten up a bit but we still so cold, so glad I brought my zara jacket as it kept me toasty! We did a ton of walking, coz most of the places you can reach on foot which was good but my feet ached so much afterwards! The food they had there was amazing, if you love meat you love Prague. They do just about everything there!
These are the little Russian dolls I bought. They had them in all of the shops, so i just had to get one... or two! The pink one is a key ring and the blue ones are just normal. I also bought a few postcards to stick up on my wardrobe door, as I do on every holiday so I can remember all of the sights!
Anyway, hope everyone had a good weekend and enjoyed the fireworks!
Rhiannon xxx

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