Saturday, 17 November 2012

Clever Coat!

Dress: Swap with Nakedblueberry
Earrings: Topshop
Jacket: Primark
Okay, so I didn't wear this today it was from the other day but I didn't have time to upload them :( Again I got the 'your skirt is too short' comment from mother! So I wore them with knee high boots to hopefully make it not look 'too short' but whether it worked or not I have no idea......! I quite like wearing black clothing but I always worry that it's too black, so have to keep swapping bits around with more colourful pieces. It's true that in the winter you do wear darker clothes! I think it's almost time to crack out the winter coats coz it's getting that cold, last week was the first time I've had to de-ice my car this year! It turns out that my green zara coat with leopard print lining you can actually unbutton the lining from the coat making it a lot thinner! Such a clever coat! And I'm pretty impressed with the fact that there's two different pockets for you to put your hands in, one with your hands going in side ways and the other with your hands going straight down (If that makes any sense! haha)
When I logged on today it told me that all my blogs that I follow had been deleted! So I quickly logged off and back on then they all came back, phew! I had a mini panic attack then. Did anyone watch Children in Need last night? It always makes me sad but then happy at how much was raised, I don't think child poverty is something that is a major thing that the government do a lot about, so these charity events are just awesome! Tonight I'm all on my lonesome as everyone is out, so I'm thinking a meal for one, The Notebook film and a box of chocolates is needed!
Rhiannon xxx


  1. Good old Zara aye? Children in Need is so sad but so good, the money raised just gets higher and higher each year! xxx

    1. Yup! I know, I'm always so surprised at how much is raised! xxx


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