Thursday, 29 November 2012

A little Chanel, darling.

Cardigan: Primark
Top: American Eagle
Jeans and Scarf: New Look
Jacket: Zara
Bag: H&M
An update on the school front: I got no work done! The school website is down, so I can access any of my files, such a shame that I can't get that essay in.... It'll just give me more time to beat my brother at Mario Karts! haha. It's weird how rubbish he is even though he's a boy and 8 years older than me...! The cardigan kind of reminded me of Chanel style a bit, which is so pretty and lady like! I wasn't too sure what to wear with it but I think the lace top goes well. I adore that jacket, I've had it for too long and there's holes in the lining, but I'll just call that well loved! haha.
Rhiannon xxx

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