Sunday, 21 October 2012


Jumper: Swap with NakedBlueberry
Top and Gloves: H&M
Jeans: M&S
Coat: Zara
Scarf: New Look
Sooo my exciting event last night was the annual Nevill Juvenile Bonfire in Lewes. This has been one of my favourite things to do every year. I've been part of it or at least seen it every year since I can remember. My grandad used to live right in the centre of it so it was always a big part of my family. I'll explain what actually happens for those who don't know, basically it's part of the 5th November celebrations but this one includes kids and is more safer for them. You have a few torch light processions around the nevill estate, with a poppy memorial firework display and then the grand precession at the end where everyone walks into the main field for the final firework display. There's different catchments in Lewes so everyone has different outfits, some dress up as indians, cowboys, soldiers (basically anything!) but the main costume is the smugglers, which have different colour stripes. It gets bigger every year and takes ages for everyone to walk around the roads, there used to be more processions but it all just got so big! The OGY OGY OGY OI OI OI is what the nevill smugglers shout all the time! Here's a few photos:

 Every year there's a different person or character which has the fireworks in. So this year was bradley wiggins! I remember a post man pat and winnie pooh in the past! The bottom left photo is just before they set off the fireworks around th NJ and BS with flares behind. The last photo is me a few years ago! Excuse the face, I was half an indian half a nevill smuggler!
Hope you enjoy this post and that everyone is well!
Rhiannon xxx

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