Friday, 12 October 2012

Clothes Swap #Day4

Jacket and Necklace: Sister's
Top: H&M
Skirt: Swap with NakedBlueberry
Shoes: New Look
Belt: Primark
I feel so girly today but with a bit of a rocky edge! It took forever to put this outfit together, everything just looked wrong with it until I put the necklace and jacket on and it all feel into place :) It feels so strange to be wearing someone's clothes but then by doing this I wearing stuff that I would have never worn but when I put them on they actually look great. I might have to go out and buy something similar afterwards!!
Fridays are the best, I finish at lunch so just strolled home in no real rush, which is the best feeling to have! I'm always rushing about here and there so it's nice to get home to an empty house and put the radio on and just slob around! It's not just me is it?? Something that mad me smile when I was walking home was when I passed a cottage called 'Cottage of Content' isn't that cute?! I'd probably call my house 'Mad Mansion' or  ' Crazy Cottage'! Something that would make people laugh! What would you call yours?
Rhiannon xxx


  1. Ahh this outfit is gorge! I think you should make this skirt a permanent swap haha. Cottage of Content haha! Yes I think mine would have to be Crazy Cottage too xxx


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