Saturday, 8 September 2012

What goes up must come down

I've been putting off posting since Thursday because I had a slight car accident and well there is no more of my car Gloria :( She's been hit in the back end but I'm all okay just a few aches and bruises really! Thursday actually got off to a really great day as my parents and I went to the paralympics! I'll blab on about it after the photos!


The inside of the stadium is massive!! We woke up at 6 so we could get there in time as it takes about 2 1/2 hours because of the different trains and tubes we had to get and then there was the airport security and walking which took a while too, but it was all well worth it!  That's me with my mum outside the stadium with our team GB t-shirts and union jack flags! There was so many games makers around and they were all so helpful and happy making us laugh and dance (watching your parents dance is SO embarrassing!). When you walk into the stadium the games makers give you a time table sheet of all of the events happening whilst you're there. I counted 25 rounds of 13 different events and 11 medal ceremonies! Events were constantly happening all the time! We got really good seats, fourth row from the bottom!!
That's Shelly Woods, who won Women's 1500m first round.
These are the bronze, silver and gold medallists for the Triple Jump. It was going on the whole session we were there for and it was actually quite interesting to watch as they're all blind so had a guide at the start of the sand pit to clap so the jumpers would be able to line themselves up properly, so the whole stadium had to be quiet during it. Some of them lost their balance whilst running and went off to the left into the people measuring their jumps and one actually hit his head in the metres measuring thing! It must be so difficult to do that sport, as they rely solely on their guide and their other senses, hands down one of the best sports I've been to seen!

We took a look around the rest of the park as we finished at 1:30 so had a bit of time to spare. The first one is the Velodrome which is next to the massive basketball arena, they're all absolutely massive. The second one is the Aquatics centre which the middle bit suppose to resemble a shark, which is pretty cool and apparently after the games the sides get taken down so it's just  got a pool and diving boards with a few seats, but don't take my word for it, can't remember where I got that from!!
Overally an awesome time at the paralympics!! Loved it all and everything felt so British!
Hope everyone had a good week and is having a good weekend!
Rhiannon xxx


  1. Ah no, I hope you're ok? Poor Gloria too :( how amazing you got to go to the paralympics though xxx

    1. I'm fine, just a few aches!! Horrible experience. Loved every minute of the paralympics! It was all so positive and happy! xxx

  2. Oh dear, car accidents are horrible! I hope you're okay, sorry about your lovely the car
    The paralympics looks and sounds incredible
    I never got to go to any of the events but was around the area quite a bit and loved the energy. I hope you enjoyed it

    1. Thank you. Hopefully will be getting another one soon!
      Loved every minute of it. Definitely want to go again when it's a bit closer again!


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