Sunday, 30 September 2012

Welcome to my Wardrobe!!

I've wanted to do this post for a while coz I'm quite proud of my wardrobe!! I got most of the ideas from Lauren Conrad's Style book, which I'd totally recommend for anyone who loves fashion and clothes!
 Right, on the left hand side door is my favourite pictures of friends and family and a few letters and cards that are special to me. On the right hand side door are post cards from different places, I've got London, Paris, Rome and loads of other holiday cards! They're all something that I smile at when I open the doors, which makes sorting my outfit out easier.
To the left side of my wardrobe I have work wear, coats and casual stuff, the scarf divides the middle between casual and the side smart side, which has dresses and pretty shirts and jackets. I like mixing and matching with smart and casual, then on my comfy days my joggers come out!! Along the bottom is where all my skirts, shorts and plain tops are. Then it's my jumpers, short sleeved tops and finally the vest tops! It's sooo crammed in there, the pole in the middle is literally bending in the middle coz there's so much weight and it groans every time I open the door!! Sorry wardrobe!
These are two pieces that are some of my favourites. The jumper dress is from a charity shop actually!! I wear it with a belt and leggings or jeans depending on how cold it is! I love how detailed it is, so it saves me doing anything else to it. The silk shirt is from M&S I got it for Christmas quite a while ago but haven't worn it that much coz I'm scared of ruining it!! So it's mainly a special occasions shirt :)
God that's a lot of writing!! Hope I haven't bored you to death too much! haha I'd love to see other people's wardrobes as I'm always interested in how people sort their clothes out and their favourite outfits!!
Rhiannon xxx

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  1. Ahh your wardrobe is so cool! Mine used to be organised but I don't have time any more so it's just a mess :( xxx


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