Monday, 10 September 2012

The Monday Blues

Jacket: Zara
Bag: M&S (yes I shop there! There's actually some really good stuff there!)
Necklace: Accessorise
Jeans and Shoes: New Look
First official day back to sixth form and I was so not in the mood for it. I didn't get much sleep the night before coz I was thinking of some of the work I haven't done and worrying about my car stuff and everything! Then I got a rubbish timetable, on Wednesday I have lessons at 10-11 then 3-4 with a 4 hour gap in between to do nothing in! Although I do get a long lie in on Thursdays and finish early on a Friday, woop!
Can't complain though as I got to see all my friends again who I haven't seen in ageeeessss plus two of my friends gave me a very late birthday presents, two sets of earrings and some other little beauty bits. I have so many earrings coz when I was in school uniform I used to wear jazzy earrings so people know that I love earrings now!
So far I've had homework from every subject, they're not much but all the teachers give that speech of 'If you revise well blah blah this course is much more harder than last year blah blah hope you did some extra work over the holidays!' which just makes me panic and want to cry! Hopefully now I've got subjects that I love doing, the work won't be so bad to do :)
Also I've got to do this personal statement for UCAS and have no idea what to write! I'll have to borrow someones to copy off! SShhh!
Hope everyone is enjoying the week so far, everybody hates Mondays anyway!
Rhiannon xxx


  1. That last sentence is so true! You'll be alrite once you get into the swing of things :) your shoes are cute btw! xxx

    1. Yeah, it's just the change of getting up early and being exhausted all the time! Aw thanks! Xxx

  2. Yes to everything you're wearing, I love it! Cheetah print and khaki is one of my fave combos :) Rhiannon is such a pretty name by the way...


    1. Thanks! I think I love leopard bit too much at the moment! Thank you, it's welsh although I'm not welsh in the slightest! Haha xx


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