Saturday, 29 September 2012

I Got Bitten By The Blog Bug!

Thank you so much to myriam from myrberry for nominating me!! I love doing these posts coz you get to see new blogs from different people and I always find something really interesting to read!!
The Rules:
  1. If you are given the blog bug award, you must answer the questions that follow and the title of your post should be "I Got Bitten By The Blog Bug".
  2. You must give the link of where you originally got this award and you can tag as many bloggers as you want. Link their pages on the post and also inform them through comments on their blog.
1. When and why did you start blogging?
Ooohh, right I started blogging in March this year. My friend from NakedBlueberry started her blog a while ago so I thought it would be really cool to start my own! I like the fact that I can blabber on about anything and everything and not worry about what anyone thinks :) Plus reading other people's blogs gives me great ideas!
2. What do you like to blog about and why do you like it?
Errr probably just my everyday outfits coz it's something that I love talking about! I do try to blog bits and bobs about beauty and cooking but I'm not so good at make-up and beauty and I never have the time to cook anymore :(

3. How did you get your blog name?
I wanted a name that would mean that I can blog about anything so I didn't have to be so specific in what I write about! I had to google 'good blog names' and search for a name until I found this one!

4. What do you think is your best post yet?
Probably my 'I think I may be a foodaholic' post coz I had just bought my new hightop wedges which I am in love with and I'd got my as-results that I was really happy with! Plus everyone was so nice about it all :)

5. What is your inspiration for blogging at present?
This may sound a bit cheesy, but my inspiration is all of your blogs!! I'm always getting new ideas and tips. I can see why people have such great blogs so I 'borrow' their ideas! Also I enjoy sharing all my stuff with you guys!

6. Message for your readers?
Thank you so much for sticking around and bearing with me!! I know my blog can be a bit poo sometimes but I'll keep improving on it all and make it better!! I really appreciate all my followers and comments, so thank you all so much from the support!

I Tag:
Amy from Dolly Daydream
Josie from Josie Loves Shoes
Kath from Pocket Full of Fashion
Helen from the love cats inc

That's all of it done I think!!
Thanks for reading!

Rhiannon xxx



  1. Haha noo your blog is not a bit poo! I like it because I love how you write, it's really natural and friendly and that. Aw thanks so much for the nomination! xxx

  2. Congrats on the award!

    Following you now, check out my blog and maybe follow back? :)



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