Sunday, 16 September 2012

Girly Laughs and Cake

The two best things in the world! It was a friends 18th dinner last night and the people who were there I don't usually see that often as they either work or go to a different college so it was really nice to catch up! Here's my outfit :)

Blazer and Shoes: New Look
Top: Topshop
Necklace: Primark
Jeans: M&S
(I also had some silver rings on but you can't see them, woops!)
For some reason I really bigged up this outfit in my last post and I hope you weren't expecting something like a massive fairy dress or an amazing outfit! It actually looks a bit boring now :( I love love love wearing my peplum top, it's super stretchy so it fits well. At the moment I'm on my fourth and have been lusting after others! I've had that necklace for sooooo long and have actually worn it quite a lot. The only bad thing is is that it's really heavy but totally worth it coz it jazzes the whole things up at little! The wedges are about the only high shoe that I can walk properly in! haha They were the shoes that I worn to my boat party (prom) last year, so I guess they were worn in to well! They're a good simple piece and paired with my black skinnies, made my legs look longer.
The whole evening was really nice, I had this pizza with chicken and peppers that has a hole in the middle that's filled with rocket leaves and then a caterpillar cake afterwards! The lights were turned off in the whole restaurant and everyone sang happy birthday which was sweet but it was so embarrassing for my friend! We were sitting opposite this table of homebase staff celebrating someone leaving and they were so loud!! I think someone might have had a bit too much to drink....! Afterwards a few of my friends went to a club but I had work the next morning and I'm not 18 yet :( Tonight I've just been getting really for sixth form tomorrow and for a very busy week but I will let you all know in due course!
Hope everyone had a good weekend :)
Rhiannon xxx


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