Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Don't make me go back!

My last full day of the summer holidays until I go back to sixth form and I'm working! Hey ho that's just how it goes! (and that rhymes! God how sad that I laugh at the little things!) It's not all that bad though, the sun is shining.... for now anyway. The whole weather thing has confused me so much I have no idea what to wear anymore! Grrr!
So last night I went to Prezzos to meet up with one of my besties that I haven't seen in ages coz we've both been working non stop and it was really nice to catch up because she went to the Reading festival with a few of my other friends so we gossipped about that and other stuff that's been happening.


I wore my new skirt with a black studded belt and a plain t-shirt with my denim jacket, a black studded duffel bag and two skull bracelets. The skirt is actually a really good simple piece to wear throughout the year, it's a sort of woolly fabric so is okay for warm days and can be worn with tights in the winter! I added a pair of white plimsolls but didn't take a photo because they're so dirty I didn't want to offend anyone! haha.
So as it's my last day besides working I'm basically going to lie around the house and not do too much! Which my mum will probably say that I'm wasting the day and 'when I was a child we used to go out every day blah blah' to make me feel guilty but not guilty enough to get up and do something! haha
Anyway, hope everyone is having a good week so far!
Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon xxx 


  1. love the outfit! The belt is awesome xxx

  2. Glad you had a good catch up with your pal! Your outfit's fab, love the colour of your skirt. Hope the return to sixth form tomorrow isn't too horrendous! xxx

  3. pretty skirt xx


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