Sunday, 2 September 2012

A/W Coats

Coats, scarves, hats, gloves and boots are things that I really look forward to wearing when it gets colder! Here's a few of my fav coats on the highstreet now!

Miss Selfridge Navy Frill Front Mac £65
Miss Selfridge Contrast Princess Coat £65
Miss Selfridge Beige Coat £85
Blue is a colour in for a/w and I love the frill and pleated skirt that makes it such a girly style! It's an updated and modern take on the original mac coat. The princess coat is such a lovely design and can be kept to wear next year, as it's quite plain you it can be jazzed up with brightly coloured accessories and boots. The beige coat reminds me of snow and husky sleighs! It looks super cosy and warm, perfect for the snowy months!
TopShop Mohair Boyfriend Coat £89
TopShop Textured Fur Collar Boyfriend Coat £110
I would pair the Mohair coat with a pair of brown leather riding boots and maybe a checkered scarf, sort of an old englishman look! (that country life butter advert popped up in my heard, the one with John Lydon! haha strange mind!) The fur collar coat needs no accessories as the texture and collar takes the attention, maybe a pair of black shiny knee-high boots could pull the whole look together.
Missguided Khaki jacket with leather sleeves £45.99
Warehouse Leopard Coat £85
The khaki jacket with leather sleeves is definitely on trend right now and, with the rubbish weather, you wouldn't get your arms soaking wet! haha This would go perfect with a studded bag and black studded ankle boots. The leopard print coat is a little out there for me but I think it's awesome anyway, it wouldn't need much accessorising as it's a no-fuss print coat. I can see the likes of Fearne Cotton and Sienna Miller wearing this!
God the wireless signal at home is shocking, I tried to do this post last night but failed after it lost signal four times and I grew angry with it! Sometimes it works okay but most of the time it likes to play me around a bit! Whilst I was doing that i had Xfactor on in the background and as usual the terrible contestants were on first, I always think that a family member or friend who has heard them sing should tell them the truth before they go out and perform to millions of people! well that's what I'd hope someone would do to me, otherwise it would be a disaster!
Anyway hope everyone is having a good weekend and the weather isn't getting you too down!
Rhiannon xxx


  1. aw my fav is the first one! so cuteee xxx

  2. Love a good winter coat, especially that camel Topshop one! It's so lovely xxx

    1. I know! I'm kinda liking the black topshop one, it looks so warm xx


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