Sunday, 30 September 2012

Welcome to my Wardrobe!!

I've wanted to do this post for a while coz I'm quite proud of my wardrobe!! I got most of the ideas from Lauren Conrad's Style book, which I'd totally recommend for anyone who loves fashion and clothes!
 Right, on the left hand side door is my favourite pictures of friends and family and a few letters and cards that are special to me. On the right hand side door are post cards from different places, I've got London, Paris, Rome and loads of other holiday cards! They're all something that I smile at when I open the doors, which makes sorting my outfit out easier.
To the left side of my wardrobe I have work wear, coats and casual stuff, the scarf divides the middle between casual and the side smart side, which has dresses and pretty shirts and jackets. I like mixing and matching with smart and casual, then on my comfy days my joggers come out!! Along the bottom is where all my skirts, shorts and plain tops are. Then it's my jumpers, short sleeved tops and finally the vest tops! It's sooo crammed in there, the pole in the middle is literally bending in the middle coz there's so much weight and it groans every time I open the door!! Sorry wardrobe!
These are two pieces that are some of my favourites. The jumper dress is from a charity shop actually!! I wear it with a belt and leggings or jeans depending on how cold it is! I love how detailed it is, so it saves me doing anything else to it. The silk shirt is from M&S I got it for Christmas quite a while ago but haven't worn it that much coz I'm scared of ruining it!! So it's mainly a special occasions shirt :)
God that's a lot of writing!! Hope I haven't bored you to death too much! haha I'd love to see other people's wardrobes as I'm always interested in how people sort their clothes out and their favourite outfits!!
Rhiannon xxx

Saturday, 29 September 2012

I Got Bitten By The Blog Bug!

Thank you so much to myriam from myrberry for nominating me!! I love doing these posts coz you get to see new blogs from different people and I always find something really interesting to read!!
The Rules:
  1. If you are given the blog bug award, you must answer the questions that follow and the title of your post should be "I Got Bitten By The Blog Bug".
  2. You must give the link of where you originally got this award and you can tag as many bloggers as you want. Link their pages on the post and also inform them through comments on their blog.
1. When and why did you start blogging?
Ooohh, right I started blogging in March this year. My friend from NakedBlueberry started her blog a while ago so I thought it would be really cool to start my own! I like the fact that I can blabber on about anything and everything and not worry about what anyone thinks :) Plus reading other people's blogs gives me great ideas!
2. What do you like to blog about and why do you like it?
Errr probably just my everyday outfits coz it's something that I love talking about! I do try to blog bits and bobs about beauty and cooking but I'm not so good at make-up and beauty and I never have the time to cook anymore :(

3. How did you get your blog name?
I wanted a name that would mean that I can blog about anything so I didn't have to be so specific in what I write about! I had to google 'good blog names' and search for a name until I found this one!

4. What do you think is your best post yet?
Probably my 'I think I may be a foodaholic' post coz I had just bought my new hightop wedges which I am in love with and I'd got my as-results that I was really happy with! Plus everyone was so nice about it all :)

5. What is your inspiration for blogging at present?
This may sound a bit cheesy, but my inspiration is all of your blogs!! I'm always getting new ideas and tips. I can see why people have such great blogs so I 'borrow' their ideas! Also I enjoy sharing all my stuff with you guys!

6. Message for your readers?
Thank you so much for sticking around and bearing with me!! I know my blog can be a bit poo sometimes but I'll keep improving on it all and make it better!! I really appreciate all my followers and comments, so thank you all so much from the support!

I Tag:
Amy from Dolly Daydream
Josie from Josie Loves Shoes
Kath from Pocket Full of Fashion
Helen from the love cats inc

That's all of it done I think!!
Thanks for reading!

Rhiannon xxx


Friday, 28 September 2012


T-shirt and Cardigan: New Look
Jeans: Asos
Shoes: Converse
Necklaces: Forever 21 (Cross) Accessorise (St Patrick's)
Ahh this outfit is super comfy and warm! Perfect for another day of hell at sixth form with mountains of work piling up! You know when you wish you never said yes to something but it sounded okay in the beginning? Well I really wish I wasn't covering work tonight! My homework list for this weekend is just ridiculously long right now :( Plus I'm working over the weekend too! Ahhh rant over!
On the plus side I've been nominated for the blog bug award! It's super sweet of myrberry to nominate me! I do try to do an interesting blog for people and sometimes it is a bit rubbish but it's nice that some people read it and comment :) So I'll be doing a post on that very soon.
Enjoy your weekends!!
Rhiannon xxx

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Cutie Pie

Jumper: Topshop
T-shirt: H&M
Jeans and Boots: New Look
Earrings: Accessorise
Another jumper from my sister! Isn't it a lovely colour! I paired it with my grey jeans, black studded boots and earrings. I think the boots and earrings toughen it up a bit more! I also wore my usual denim jacket from Primark and snake skin bag from M&S. They do the best bags in there!!
So todayIi had a little lie in until my brother came back from his trip to New York, so jealous!! He only went there for the shopping! Although I can't complain, been there twice :) Shopping and sight seeing mostly! For the rest of the day I was stuck at sixth form, 2 hours of English lit back to back nearly killed me! I mean I like Shakespeare and all but all these tragedies get me down a bit! Plus we got a ton of reading and homework :( Then Media Studies which we basically sat on youtube 'researching' music videos but mostly watching Radio 1 live lounge (all of them are absolutely amazing!) and animals doing silly things. So all in all a pretty good day!
Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!
Rhiannon xx

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Hi, did you miss me??!

Jacket: Zara
Jumper: Primark
Jeans: Next
Boots: H&M
Necklace: Own

Sorry for not blogging for a while, once I've missed one day I can't get back into a routine again!!
So since I lasted blogged sooo much has happened. I passed my theory test! Woop, just got to build up my confidence again to then take my practical :) My grandad has moved down so we were moving his bits into his new flat the other day, it's so nice to have him closer and being able to visit him more! He's actually quite funny! Sixth form has been driving my crazy! There's so much work to do! I have to do a music video for my media studies coursework, so far I've chosen the song (Your Song by Ellie Goulding/Elton John) but have no idea where to film it, any ideas??!!
My look is pretty casual and wearable in this weather! I don't mind the rain, just not too much otherwise my hair will go frizzy! haha. My sister was having a clearout in her wardrobe and gave me that jumper which is perfect for cold Autumn days. I love it when she has a clearout coz it's like going shopping and getting new clothes plus we're similar sizes and have the same tastes :) The boots are something that I waited for H&M to bring out after seeing them online for ages and I wore them so much last year I can't see them leaving my wardrobe soon! My necklace is made up of a heart locket with my grandads and grandmas pictures in, a heart which was my grandmas and a ring my parents bought me, so they're quite precious and lucky! Do you guys have any precious jewellery or clothes??
Hope everyone is good and having an alright week!
Rhiannon xxx

Monday, 17 September 2012

Cram Cram Cram!!

Shirt and Earings: Topshop
Jeans: M&S
Top: H&M
Shoes: New Look
Watch: My Nannys
Today I went a bit more smarter to school after last weeks casual outfits. This shirt is perfect it used to be my sisters and then she gave it to me, woop! It's so comfortable and loose fitting, that I can wear it casually. I haven't worn those earrings in ages, but I thought I needed something to stand out against the shirt!
So today I've been mostly revising for my theory test tomorrow :( Not fun. I've done so many mock tests on the dvd I've got and made sure that I've passed them all or if I haven't, check back on the answers I got wrong, so hopefully I'll be fully prepared for tomorrow! As I've been doing that for most of the weekend I didn't do the homework that I was suppose to do and well it came back to bite me on the bum basically! My teacher was okay about it, he knows me quite well as I've had him for 5 years! So I'm gonna finish up this post soon as I've got to get some zzz's before tomorrow, I've got to be at the test centre for 7:45!
I'll let you know how it all goes! Hope everyone is okay and having a good week so far!
Rhiannon xxx

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Girly Laughs and Cake

The two best things in the world! It was a friends 18th dinner last night and the people who were there I don't usually see that often as they either work or go to a different college so it was really nice to catch up! Here's my outfit :)

Blazer and Shoes: New Look
Top: Topshop
Necklace: Primark
Jeans: M&S
(I also had some silver rings on but you can't see them, woops!)
For some reason I really bigged up this outfit in my last post and I hope you weren't expecting something like a massive fairy dress or an amazing outfit! It actually looks a bit boring now :( I love love love wearing my peplum top, it's super stretchy so it fits well. At the moment I'm on my fourth and have been lusting after others! I've had that necklace for sooooo long and have actually worn it quite a lot. The only bad thing is is that it's really heavy but totally worth it coz it jazzes the whole things up at little! The wedges are about the only high shoe that I can walk properly in! haha They were the shoes that I worn to my boat party (prom) last year, so I guess they were worn in to well! They're a good simple piece and paired with my black skinnies, made my legs look longer.
The whole evening was really nice, I had this pizza with chicken and peppers that has a hole in the middle that's filled with rocket leaves and then a caterpillar cake afterwards! The lights were turned off in the whole restaurant and everyone sang happy birthday which was sweet but it was so embarrassing for my friend! We were sitting opposite this table of homebase staff celebrating someone leaving and they were so loud!! I think someone might have had a bit too much to drink....! Afterwards a few of my friends went to a club but I had work the next morning and I'm not 18 yet :( Tonight I've just been getting really for sixth form tomorrow and for a very busy week but I will let you all know in due course!
Hope everyone had a good weekend :)
Rhiannon xxx


Saturday, 15 September 2012

Comfy Casual

Jumper: New Look
Top: Er.... Paris
Jeans: Tesco
Scarf (worn as a snood): H&M
Looking at this outfit now I would have worn something different! Although it was soooo comfy and I literally couldn't be bothered with make-up or doing anything with my hair, so was kinda perfect for the morning at school. I then had work in the evening with sucked basically, it was so busy and crazy that I was running about most of the night!
As I was completely knackered after work I don't really want to do much today, so I just slobbed around at home! I did intend to get a few bits of school work done but couldn't find the energy! haha This evening I'm out for a 18th dinner with a good friend of mine. I bought her this really cute me to you bear holding a plastic birthday cake and a pretty ring from New Look that I know she'll love! I'll do an outfit past afterwards coz I've got a cracker in mind!!
Hope everyone is having a good weekend :)
Rhiannon xxx

Thursday, 13 September 2012

My little friend

Jacket: Primark
Dress: Primark
Belt: New Look (just realised that you can't actually see it!)
Earrings: Market in Camden
It felt really summery today so I got my legs out in my smart primark dress, I always try to dress it down as I think it's a bit too dressy and one of my friends actually calls it my 'granny dress!' but what does he know about fashion?! My trusty denim jacket goes with just about anything and the cute rocking horses earrings are something I love wearing, so I'd have my hair up to show them off! The pigeon was sitting outside my window sunbathing, which I've never seen before so thought I should take a photo to show you guys!
Another day done and dusted with. So this morning I got up extra early to do my personal statement for my ucas application and forgot how hard it was! It took ages and I felt like I was literally scraping the barrel writing about my work experience and enthusiasm for the journalism course I want to do. We were told no more than 4,000 characters and I managed 1,800 so you can tell that I had loads to write about! haha
Anyway, I might not have time to post tomorrow because I've got sixth form then work in the eve :( but will definitely doing something on saturday, after looking at a few cars (so excited!) so I will let you know what happens!
Rhiannon xxx

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

I get knocked down but I get up again!

 Jacket: Zara
Top: Primark
Jeans: Asos
Awkward face: Sadly that's from me! haha
As eeyorne would say 'not much of a day for not much of a donkey'! Today started off badly, I didn't have time to use the hairdryer (hence the reason why my hair is a bit curly!) and didn't have time to write a letter that I need to send off about my car as I woke up a bit late :( It's a bit strange how sixth form actually perks me up, I think it's just the people who make me happier! Although I basically got told by my history teacher to re-take my exam to get an A because 'not many unis will look at a B' I was pretty pleased with my B! Ah well onwards and upwards :)
Not much else to report on.... I had my first driving lessons since my accident and that went good, my instructor was please that I could do all the maneuvers well and was happy that I haven't been put off too much!
 I'm quite close to my sister and her boyfriend as they're been together for quite a while and have been on loads of holidays and dinners out with us, so as a joke they bought me this:
They're stickers to put on my car once I've bought a new one, just to warn others! haha. I'll get home tomorrow to her saying 'Oooh I was mentioned in your blog again!' Or 'God you're so embarrassing!' Lovely sister.
Everyone enjoy the rest of your week, it's X factor again at the weekend, woop!
Rhiannon xxx

Monday, 10 September 2012

The Monday Blues

Jacket: Zara
Bag: M&S (yes I shop there! There's actually some really good stuff there!)
Necklace: Accessorise
Jeans and Shoes: New Look
First official day back to sixth form and I was so not in the mood for it. I didn't get much sleep the night before coz I was thinking of some of the work I haven't done and worrying about my car stuff and everything! Then I got a rubbish timetable, on Wednesday I have lessons at 10-11 then 3-4 with a 4 hour gap in between to do nothing in! Although I do get a long lie in on Thursdays and finish early on a Friday, woop!
Can't complain though as I got to see all my friends again who I haven't seen in ageeeessss plus two of my friends gave me a very late birthday presents, two sets of earrings and some other little beauty bits. I have so many earrings coz when I was in school uniform I used to wear jazzy earrings so people know that I love earrings now!
So far I've had homework from every subject, they're not much but all the teachers give that speech of 'If you revise well blah blah this course is much more harder than last year blah blah hope you did some extra work over the holidays!' which just makes me panic and want to cry! Hopefully now I've got subjects that I love doing, the work won't be so bad to do :)
Also I've got to do this personal statement for UCAS and have no idea what to write! I'll have to borrow someones to copy off! SShhh!
Hope everyone is enjoying the week so far, everybody hates Mondays anyway!
Rhiannon xxx

Saturday, 8 September 2012

What goes up must come down

I've been putting off posting since Thursday because I had a slight car accident and well there is no more of my car Gloria :( She's been hit in the back end but I'm all okay just a few aches and bruises really! Thursday actually got off to a really great day as my parents and I went to the paralympics! I'll blab on about it after the photos!


The inside of the stadium is massive!! We woke up at 6 so we could get there in time as it takes about 2 1/2 hours because of the different trains and tubes we had to get and then there was the airport security and walking which took a while too, but it was all well worth it!  That's me with my mum outside the stadium with our team GB t-shirts and union jack flags! There was so many games makers around and they were all so helpful and happy making us laugh and dance (watching your parents dance is SO embarrassing!). When you walk into the stadium the games makers give you a time table sheet of all of the events happening whilst you're there. I counted 25 rounds of 13 different events and 11 medal ceremonies! Events were constantly happening all the time! We got really good seats, fourth row from the bottom!!
That's Shelly Woods, who won Women's 1500m first round.
These are the bronze, silver and gold medallists for the Triple Jump. It was going on the whole session we were there for and it was actually quite interesting to watch as they're all blind so had a guide at the start of the sand pit to clap so the jumpers would be able to line themselves up properly, so the whole stadium had to be quiet during it. Some of them lost their balance whilst running and went off to the left into the people measuring their jumps and one actually hit his head in the metres measuring thing! It must be so difficult to do that sport, as they rely solely on their guide and their other senses, hands down one of the best sports I've been to seen!

We took a look around the rest of the park as we finished at 1:30 so had a bit of time to spare. The first one is the Velodrome which is next to the massive basketball arena, they're all absolutely massive. The second one is the Aquatics centre which the middle bit suppose to resemble a shark, which is pretty cool and apparently after the games the sides get taken down so it's just  got a pool and diving boards with a few seats, but don't take my word for it, can't remember where I got that from!!
Overally an awesome time at the paralympics!! Loved it all and everything felt so British!
Hope everyone had a good week and is having a good weekend!
Rhiannon xxx

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Nail Art Favourites

I've started to notice that a lot more people are interested in nail art and depite the fact that I can't wear nail polish that often (I work with food) I really enjoy seeing all the different patterns and designs everyone is doing. So I looked through the web to find some awesome nail art, enjoy!

I always wondered how people managed to get all the little bits perfect and then I discovered brands selling nail art pens, which must make it a whole lot easier! My favourite out of the all is the frog one, it's quite playful and childish and would definitely get noticed!! All the other designs are quite intricate and much take a lot of patience and time to do and a steady hand helps!
Anyone got a favourite out of these or have tried some of their own?
Rhiannon xxx

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Don't make me go back!

My last full day of the summer holidays until I go back to sixth form and I'm working! Hey ho that's just how it goes! (and that rhymes! God how sad that I laugh at the little things!) It's not all that bad though, the sun is shining.... for now anyway. The whole weather thing has confused me so much I have no idea what to wear anymore! Grrr!
So last night I went to Prezzos to meet up with one of my besties that I haven't seen in ages coz we've both been working non stop and it was really nice to catch up because she went to the Reading festival with a few of my other friends so we gossipped about that and other stuff that's been happening.


I wore my new skirt with a black studded belt and a plain t-shirt with my denim jacket, a black studded duffel bag and two skull bracelets. The skirt is actually a really good simple piece to wear throughout the year, it's a sort of woolly fabric so is okay for warm days and can be worn with tights in the winter! I added a pair of white plimsolls but didn't take a photo because they're so dirty I didn't want to offend anyone! haha.
So as it's my last day besides working I'm basically going to lie around the house and not do too much! Which my mum will probably say that I'm wasting the day and 'when I was a child we used to go out every day blah blah' to make me feel guilty but not guilty enough to get up and do something! haha
Anyway, hope everyone is having a good week so far!
Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon xxx 

Monday, 3 September 2012

Fancy a Cuppa?

Today is a day where I'm sorting everything out before I go back to sixth from. At the moment I'm sorting out my itunes (adding Little Mix, Wings, can't stop playing it!) and having a jam and cream biscuit and mug of hot blackcurrant. Those biscuits always go really quickly from the biscuit bin coz my sister loves them too! My friends find it a bit strange how I don't drink tea or coffee and the only hot drinks I have is hot chocolate and blackcurrant! I just don't really like the taste of tea or coffee but I love the smell of coffee, but so does everybody?!
As I'm just lounging about the house today my comfy shirt and jeggings are great. We're not suppose to wear jeggings or leggings at sixth form but I always get away with these coz they look just like tight skinny jeans, they're from Next and have lasted for ages! My shirt is from Gilly Hicks, the Australian version of Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch and is a great piece to wear because it doesn't need any styling up as it's so bold. The boots from New Look I know are going to be a new love and will probably be falling apart by the end of the year! I always worry about holes in boots so my feet get wet when it rains but New Look have always been really good for boots and shoes and I've never had a pair break on me.... so far!
Isn't the weather a bit strange these days?! I've heard that we're suppose to have a warm-ish September and that today was going to be up to 23 degrees, not exactly bikini weather but warm enough! So far it's been dull and grey and I've been so cold, hopefully the sun will come out soon so I can get out to read my book. I'm reading The Girls by Lori Lansens, it's basically about these two sisters who are conjoined at the head and about their life story before they die of a brain aneurysm (had to google that one! haha) It's quite good so far, I'm near the end so will let you know what happens at the end!
Hope everyone is having a good start to the week!
Feel free to comment on any posts :)
Rhiannon xx

Sunday, 2 September 2012

A/W Coats

Coats, scarves, hats, gloves and boots are things that I really look forward to wearing when it gets colder! Here's a few of my fav coats on the highstreet now!

Miss Selfridge Navy Frill Front Mac £65
Miss Selfridge Contrast Princess Coat £65
Miss Selfridge Beige Coat £85
Blue is a colour in for a/w and I love the frill and pleated skirt that makes it such a girly style! It's an updated and modern take on the original mac coat. The princess coat is such a lovely design and can be kept to wear next year, as it's quite plain you it can be jazzed up with brightly coloured accessories and boots. The beige coat reminds me of snow and husky sleighs! It looks super cosy and warm, perfect for the snowy months!
TopShop Mohair Boyfriend Coat £89
TopShop Textured Fur Collar Boyfriend Coat £110
I would pair the Mohair coat with a pair of brown leather riding boots and maybe a checkered scarf, sort of an old englishman look! (that country life butter advert popped up in my heard, the one with John Lydon! haha strange mind!) The fur collar coat needs no accessories as the texture and collar takes the attention, maybe a pair of black shiny knee-high boots could pull the whole look together.
Missguided Khaki jacket with leather sleeves £45.99
Warehouse Leopard Coat £85
The khaki jacket with leather sleeves is definitely on trend right now and, with the rubbish weather, you wouldn't get your arms soaking wet! haha This would go perfect with a studded bag and black studded ankle boots. The leopard print coat is a little out there for me but I think it's awesome anyway, it wouldn't need much accessorising as it's a no-fuss print coat. I can see the likes of Fearne Cotton and Sienna Miller wearing this!
God the wireless signal at home is shocking, I tried to do this post last night but failed after it lost signal four times and I grew angry with it! Sometimes it works okay but most of the time it likes to play me around a bit! Whilst I was doing that i had Xfactor on in the background and as usual the terrible contestants were on first, I always think that a family member or friend who has heard them sing should tell them the truth before they go out and perform to millions of people! well that's what I'd hope someone would do to me, otherwise it would be a disaster!
Anyway hope everyone is having a good weekend and the weather isn't getting you too down!
Rhiannon xxx

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