Tuesday, 21 August 2012

So Today I am.....

A lifesaver. Twice from two different people I've been called that today, which is super nice! All I did was cover a shift at work at very late notice (they called me at 9:30 and asked for me to come in at 11 until 4) which meant that I had to change my driving lesson to after work. Ah well, my driving instructor said he was quite impressed with me, which is great coz then I can get driving properly soon! Ahh super excited! Then at my other work place a colleague asked me to cover her Thursday and Friday lunchtime shifts and called me a lifesaver! Which was cute coz she's such a lovely girl and would cover for me anytime!

I then got home to find my fat cat Charlie asleep on my bed totally in the most awkward place and new pipes in my bedroom in a lovely copper colour! Nice!

I bought these two silk paintings from a flea market in Lewes for £20, which is a bargain because they're so pretty and I love them! I painted the frames white, a before they had this horrible browny goldy outline. Hopefully they will go with my new room (once my sister has moved out!)

Sorry if this post is a rambly and boring!

Hopefully I'll have something a bit more interesting to write about next time!

Rhiannon xx

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