Thursday, 30 August 2012

Smile and the whole world smiles with you

Watch out this may be one long arse post.....
So today was my first day off in what seems like ages and I decided to spend it well as sixth form is just around the corner again and so is the horrible weather! We caught the train to London Bridge which is close by to Borough Market. Now any food lovers will absolutely adore this place! There's pretty much every type of food there, fruit and veg, meat and fish, sweets and chocolate, bread and cheese..... everything! We stopped off at the Hotel Chocolat cafe and had a hot chocolate and brownie, it's actually under a bridge which is weird coz you can hear all the trains above you and it's all buzzing around you with traffic and people.
Here are some massive watermelons! (sorry the picture is on the wrong side, blogger just isn't working for me today and isn't uploading other pictures of the market! Grrr!) We had a cup of watermelon juice which was sooo refreshing and reminds me of sitting on the beach on holiday!
We mooched around London for a bit and saw some sites.
I was super wind swept on the wobbly bridge, I had to explain to mother about the death eaters scene in the last harry potter (where they destroy the bridge) to her but she had no idea what I was talking about! To be a harry p kid! And yes those are dark rain clouds in the background :(

We were walking into a park along the embankment when we saw these two cool cyclists made up of flowers! Literally everywhere is plastered with London Olympics and Paralympics posters and human sized models of the mascots (wenlock and mandeville?!) in pretty patterns at famous sites.
Of course I couldn't resist the temptation of Zara in Convent Garden, the closest ones for me are in Brighton or London so I have to make the most of it when I go in! haha
Aren't they gorgeous?! The one on the left is quite thin, so it's a good jacket and I got it in a medium so i can wear jumpers and thick stuff underneath! The middle one is a super thick parka coat with soft leopard lining and I can't wait when it's cold enough to wear it! I love them so much!
In true London 2012 style I bought a scarf/flag to use for when I go up next week to watch the athletics, I'm so excited for it!
Just before I started this post I turned my ipod on and the screen froze and went black, I panicked so much! It came back eventually, phew!
I hope everyone is having a great week and enjoying the Paralympics just as much as I am!
Feel free to comment on any of the posts and I will reply!
Rhiannon xxx

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