Saturday, 25 August 2012

Oh Hey Gramps!

Oh dear, I'm afraid this top is gonna be another of my most worn clothes! It's super comfy and suits all shapes, plus it hides my tum! haha. It was a bit dreary and wet today so I wasn't out in town for too long coz my feet were soaked through :( Also my Grandad is staying with us for a few days (we went to stay with him a few weeks ago, so it's his turn to stay with us) and we're trying to persuade him to move down to us as he lives about 3 hours away :( it's a bit of a pain to get to him!

He gave my this watch after my Nanny died last year, which I love as it's look really vintage and reminds me of her a lot. Whenever he comes round you know it's going to include card games, talking about 'the old days', sleeping, reading last weeks newspaper (why do they do that?! Most of the time it's totally changed the next day!) and giving up my room for a few days, which is a tad annoying but it's always quite fun to have him around!
Has everyone heard about the Prince Harry naked pictures dilemma? Personally I think it's hilarious! It shows that he has a sense of humour and actually acts like a normal human being once in a while and that the royals aren't always 'perfect'.
Also has anyone watched the Reading festival? A few of my friends have gone and have probably been washed away by now! haha I think I'll have a look at a few highlights, definitely Paramore and Florence + The Machine are a must watch!
Rhiannon xx


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