Monday, 13 August 2012


Ahhh..... I'm actually so upset that it's over now! Well until the Paralympics!
Did anyone watch the closing ceremony? It was awesome! Some people are comparing it to the opening ceremony but I think they both have totally different purposes, like the opening was just to welcome all the athletes and get hyped up for the games whereas the closing ceremony was to celebrate the games and pass onto Rio for 2016.


A few of my top moments! The fireworks were amazing, I always wonder how the time it so perfectly and know what to put where and when and if they have rehearsals. It was quite a sad moment when the torch was put out to signal the end of the games. I really enjoyed it all and have never felt to patriotic and proud of Great Britain! Ahhh my lovely Take That were there, bless Gary Barlow of coming! Of course everyone was waiting for the Spice Girls, great idea to have them come in personalised cabs. Love a bit of Queen music, Jessie J was the best choice to sing with them.

Overall I loved it all! Our Paralmpic tickets came today for the Athletics, soooo excited now can't wait for it to start up again :)

Did you guys enjoy it all? Best moment?

Rhiannon xxxx


  1. I loooooved it! I could watch it every day, missed the Opening Ceremony though :( the best bit for me was defo the supermodels. I hope people watch the Paralympics too, I think they should be equally hyped if not more so! xxx

    1. Ahh the opening ceremony was pretty good, even a bit confusing! My favourite was the spice girls in their taxis or Take That coz they're just gorgeous! haha I know same, I think it would be even more amazing to watch them compete xxx


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