Sunday, 26 August 2012

Herman Ze German!

Herman the German Friendship cake has recently come into out family! It's a sourdough cake (doesn't sound that nice but it's sooo tasty!) Basically you get a starter mix from a friend and have to add ingredients over 10 days to then bake him on the last day. On the 9th day you split your Herman into 4 and give 3 away to your friends and bake your quarter, so the Herman cake carries on! It's actually really fun to do and great to eat at the end!
Here's our Herman at the end, well part of him!

And this is the mix you start with
When we went up to London we saw this sign and had a right giggle about it! We were going to go in and get a piece of cake but saw that it was actually a sausage shop, so we didn't go in. People were looking at us strangely while we were laughing and taking this picture, but hey ho if you can't laugh at that what can you laugh at! The sausage has a moustache, now that's pretty funny......!
People who have seen other posts may see that I do bake now and then and this recipe was actually really easy, so anyone who wants to have a go can by getting the recipe off this link here.
Oh you know when you watch a scary or horrible film and you have to watch something you know has a nice ending afterwards? Well after watching the Boy in Striped Pyjamas, which is interesting but so sad, I had to watch Beauty and the Beast afterwards to cheer me up a bit!
Has anyone got a favourite Disney film?
As always, thank you for reading!
Hope everyone is having a good weekend :)
Rhiannon xxx


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