Friday, 31 August 2012

Grunge vs Rock Chick

So today I went to Crawley with a friend shopping and cinema. The sun was soo misleading, it looked like a really hot day with clear skies but really is was freezing cold, it looks like the weather just can't make it's mind up these days! It's so difficult to decide what to wear, so I went casual with a cosy jumper, skinnies, my new trusty jacket and hi-top trainers, super comfy and warm. Although I was boiling hot in the cinema, it's always hot or bloody cold in there!
We saw A Few Best Men, it was a typical British comedy, very funny and has a lot of those moments when you think 'did he really just do that?!' plus the leading man Xavier Samuel is something nice to look at.
My plan was to only buy the birthday presents that I need to get for a friend next week but I got a bit sidetracked in New Look!
I needed (well that's what i tell myself!) these boots because the sole of my last ones fell off in an embarrassingly funny but wet and cold afternoon as they had a heel so every time I took a step the front went down before the back and it was raining so all the water was getting trough my boot, not comfortable! My friends thought it was hilarious.
This outfit makes me look a bit rock chick-ish I think because of the studs on the belt and boots and the colours.... maybe a new look for me?!
Hope everyone is having a good week!
Rhiannon xxx

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