Saturday, 18 August 2012

Do you believe in Narnia?

So today officially the hottest day of the year, me, my sister, mum and dad braved the ridiculously hot and sweaty London trains and tubes to watch The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe in Kensington Gardens.

(I couldn't take any pictures inside, so got these off the Internet hence the reason why they're so good!)

I loved reading all the books and watching the films, so I was curious as to how they would be able to get all the different scenes in, especially as the stage was in the middle in a sort of big top tent thing. The characters costumes were amazing! I loved how they made them all look so life like! Despite melting in my seat it was an awesome performance and would definitely recommend it to any Narnian lover!

I wore my spotty playsuit from New Look with cross earrings from TopShop and Forever 21 sandals, which, thankfully kept me cool!

We took a slight detour to Oxford Street, you have to when you're in London and bought a few bits and bobs!

Cardi from Primark, Daisy Print Peplm from Primark, Grey Peplum from TopShop and Skirt from Primark.

I can't wait to wear that cardigan, it's so pretty for the summer but too hot to wear at the moment, not that I'm complaining! The peplums are a bit of an addiction they just make me look feminine, plus hides my stomach when I've eaten too much! haha. I've wanted to try a skirt in that shape for a while so when I saw a burgundy colour for £10 in Primark I thought I'd give it a try for the summer!

Hope everyone else is enjoying the sun!

Thanks for reading

Rhiannon xxx

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