Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Chick Chick!

Just got back from visiting my sisters friend who has new chicks hatching! As you may know I already have five chickens but we only get 1 egg a day from them because they're quite old now, so hopefully we'll be getting a few new chicks. So exciting! She also had four kittens and they were sooo cute, we wanted to take them home with us. But that would be stealing, so not cool!

I want to share with you guys a sort of scrap book of clothes and shoes that I've been collecting for a while now. It just shows how quickly the fashions change!


I probably should pop off now, Charlie isn't looking that happy with me!
So how's everybodys holidays going? Up to anything good?
Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy it all!
Rhiannon xx


  1. Aw little chickies! So, so cute. They always pee on you though don't they? I love your scrapbook I keep one too they're great to look through aren't they? xxx

    1. They do! I voted not to pick one up coz I'd probably hurt or drop it! It's fun to look through and see all the clothes and shoes that I thought were awesome and now aren't so much! haha xx


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