Friday, 31 August 2012

Grunge vs Rock Chick

So today I went to Crawley with a friend shopping and cinema. The sun was soo misleading, it looked like a really hot day with clear skies but really is was freezing cold, it looks like the weather just can't make it's mind up these days! It's so difficult to decide what to wear, so I went casual with a cosy jumper, skinnies, my new trusty jacket and hi-top trainers, super comfy and warm. Although I was boiling hot in the cinema, it's always hot or bloody cold in there!
We saw A Few Best Men, it was a typical British comedy, very funny and has a lot of those moments when you think 'did he really just do that?!' plus the leading man Xavier Samuel is something nice to look at.
My plan was to only buy the birthday presents that I need to get for a friend next week but I got a bit sidetracked in New Look!
I needed (well that's what i tell myself!) these boots because the sole of my last ones fell off in an embarrassingly funny but wet and cold afternoon as they had a heel so every time I took a step the front went down before the back and it was raining so all the water was getting trough my boot, not comfortable! My friends thought it was hilarious.
This outfit makes me look a bit rock chick-ish I think because of the studs on the belt and boots and the colours.... maybe a new look for me?!
Hope everyone is having a good week!
Rhiannon xxx

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Smile and the whole world smiles with you

Watch out this may be one long arse post.....
So today was my first day off in what seems like ages and I decided to spend it well as sixth form is just around the corner again and so is the horrible weather! We caught the train to London Bridge which is close by to Borough Market. Now any food lovers will absolutely adore this place! There's pretty much every type of food there, fruit and veg, meat and fish, sweets and chocolate, bread and cheese..... everything! We stopped off at the Hotel Chocolat cafe and had a hot chocolate and brownie, it's actually under a bridge which is weird coz you can hear all the trains above you and it's all buzzing around you with traffic and people.
Here are some massive watermelons! (sorry the picture is on the wrong side, blogger just isn't working for me today and isn't uploading other pictures of the market! Grrr!) We had a cup of watermelon juice which was sooo refreshing and reminds me of sitting on the beach on holiday!
We mooched around London for a bit and saw some sites.
I was super wind swept on the wobbly bridge, I had to explain to mother about the death eaters scene in the last harry potter (where they destroy the bridge) to her but she had no idea what I was talking about! To be a harry p kid! And yes those are dark rain clouds in the background :(

We were walking into a park along the embankment when we saw these two cool cyclists made up of flowers! Literally everywhere is plastered with London Olympics and Paralympics posters and human sized models of the mascots (wenlock and mandeville?!) in pretty patterns at famous sites.
Of course I couldn't resist the temptation of Zara in Convent Garden, the closest ones for me are in Brighton or London so I have to make the most of it when I go in! haha
Aren't they gorgeous?! The one on the left is quite thin, so it's a good jacket and I got it in a medium so i can wear jumpers and thick stuff underneath! The middle one is a super thick parka coat with soft leopard lining and I can't wait when it's cold enough to wear it! I love them so much!
In true London 2012 style I bought a scarf/flag to use for when I go up next week to watch the athletics, I'm so excited for it!
Just before I started this post I turned my ipod on and the screen froze and went black, I panicked so much! It came back eventually, phew!
I hope everyone is having a great week and enjoying the Paralympics just as much as I am!
Feel free to comment on any of the posts and I will reply!
Rhiannon xxx

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Herman Ze German!

Herman the German Friendship cake has recently come into out family! It's a sourdough cake (doesn't sound that nice but it's sooo tasty!) Basically you get a starter mix from a friend and have to add ingredients over 10 days to then bake him on the last day. On the 9th day you split your Herman into 4 and give 3 away to your friends and bake your quarter, so the Herman cake carries on! It's actually really fun to do and great to eat at the end!
Here's our Herman at the end, well part of him!

And this is the mix you start with
When we went up to London we saw this sign and had a right giggle about it! We were going to go in and get a piece of cake but saw that it was actually a sausage shop, so we didn't go in. People were looking at us strangely while we were laughing and taking this picture, but hey ho if you can't laugh at that what can you laugh at! The sausage has a moustache, now that's pretty funny......!
People who have seen other posts may see that I do bake now and then and this recipe was actually really easy, so anyone who wants to have a go can by getting the recipe off this link here.
Oh you know when you watch a scary or horrible film and you have to watch something you know has a nice ending afterwards? Well after watching the Boy in Striped Pyjamas, which is interesting but so sad, I had to watch Beauty and the Beast afterwards to cheer me up a bit!
Has anyone got a favourite Disney film?
As always, thank you for reading!
Hope everyone is having a good weekend :)
Rhiannon xxx


Saturday, 25 August 2012

Oh Hey Gramps!

Oh dear, I'm afraid this top is gonna be another of my most worn clothes! It's super comfy and suits all shapes, plus it hides my tum! haha. It was a bit dreary and wet today so I wasn't out in town for too long coz my feet were soaked through :( Also my Grandad is staying with us for a few days (we went to stay with him a few weeks ago, so it's his turn to stay with us) and we're trying to persuade him to move down to us as he lives about 3 hours away :( it's a bit of a pain to get to him!

He gave my this watch after my Nanny died last year, which I love as it's look really vintage and reminds me of her a lot. Whenever he comes round you know it's going to include card games, talking about 'the old days', sleeping, reading last weeks newspaper (why do they do that?! Most of the time it's totally changed the next day!) and giving up my room for a few days, which is a tad annoying but it's always quite fun to have him around!
Has everyone heard about the Prince Harry naked pictures dilemma? Personally I think it's hilarious! It shows that he has a sense of humour and actually acts like a normal human being once in a while and that the royals aren't always 'perfect'.
Also has anyone watched the Reading festival? A few of my friends have gone and have probably been washed away by now! haha I think I'll have a look at a few highlights, definitely Paramore and Florence + The Machine are a must watch!
Rhiannon xx


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Big Bang and Bubbas!

So today my mums friend brought over her granddaughter for us to see and she was soooo cute! I know all babies are cute but seriously, she was super sweet. I held her for a little bit but she can now stand up and crawl about so she was climbing all over me! Mum loves babies and keeps hinting at having grandchildren, but I tell her not yet! I'm wayyy too young! haha.
This was an outfit I literally threw on after work. I love love my new cardigan! (I think I say love too much in my posts?? But you can never not have enough love!) It's just so pretty. People are surprised when I tell them it's from Primark because it's stylish and something you'd expect to be in TopShop or New Look. The skull bracelet is from Claires and the blue beaded charm bracelets are from Accessorize and my usual black studded pumps. They are from the wide feet section in New Look and thank God they have it because my feet rub in certain shoes, so I buy most pumps from there as they're so comfy!
One of my favourite shows to watch is The Big Bang Theory. I never really heard of it before my brother bought the box set and we watched the whole thing until I was hooked! I won't bore you with the details because you guys may have already seen it so I thought I'd post a clip of the top 10 moments. (Ignore the American guy speaking!) It's definitely worth a watch!!
Rhiannon xxx

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Chick Chick!

Just got back from visiting my sisters friend who has new chicks hatching! As you may know I already have five chickens but we only get 1 egg a day from them because they're quite old now, so hopefully we'll be getting a few new chicks. So exciting! She also had four kittens and they were sooo cute, we wanted to take them home with us. But that would be stealing, so not cool!

I want to share with you guys a sort of scrap book of clothes and shoes that I've been collecting for a while now. It just shows how quickly the fashions change!


I probably should pop off now, Charlie isn't looking that happy with me!
So how's everybodys holidays going? Up to anything good?
Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy it all!
Rhiannon xx

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

So Today I am.....

A lifesaver. Twice from two different people I've been called that today, which is super nice! All I did was cover a shift at work at very late notice (they called me at 9:30 and asked for me to come in at 11 until 4) which meant that I had to change my driving lesson to after work. Ah well, my driving instructor said he was quite impressed with me, which is great coz then I can get driving properly soon! Ahh super excited! Then at my other work place a colleague asked me to cover her Thursday and Friday lunchtime shifts and called me a lifesaver! Which was cute coz she's such a lovely girl and would cover for me anytime!

I then got home to find my fat cat Charlie asleep on my bed totally in the most awkward place and new pipes in my bedroom in a lovely copper colour! Nice!

I bought these two silk paintings from a flea market in Lewes for £20, which is a bargain because they're so pretty and I love them! I painted the frames white, a before they had this horrible browny goldy outline. Hopefully they will go with my new room (once my sister has moved out!)

Sorry if this post is a rambly and boring!

Hopefully I'll have something a bit more interesting to write about next time!

Rhiannon xx

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Do you believe in Narnia?

So today officially the hottest day of the year, me, my sister, mum and dad braved the ridiculously hot and sweaty London trains and tubes to watch The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe in Kensington Gardens.

(I couldn't take any pictures inside, so got these off the Internet hence the reason why they're so good!)

I loved reading all the books and watching the films, so I was curious as to how they would be able to get all the different scenes in, especially as the stage was in the middle in a sort of big top tent thing. The characters costumes were amazing! I loved how they made them all look so life like! Despite melting in my seat it was an awesome performance and would definitely recommend it to any Narnian lover!

I wore my spotty playsuit from New Look with cross earrings from TopShop and Forever 21 sandals, which, thankfully kept me cool!

We took a slight detour to Oxford Street, you have to when you're in London and bought a few bits and bobs!

Cardi from Primark, Daisy Print Peplm from Primark, Grey Peplum from TopShop and Skirt from Primark.

I can't wait to wear that cardigan, it's so pretty for the summer but too hot to wear at the moment, not that I'm complaining! The peplums are a bit of an addiction they just make me look feminine, plus hides my stomach when I've eaten too much! haha. I've wanted to try a skirt in that shape for a while so when I saw a burgundy colour for £10 in Primark I thought I'd give it a try for the summer!

Hope everyone else is enjoying the sun!

Thanks for reading

Rhiannon xxx

Thursday, 16 August 2012

I think I may be a Foodaholic......

So yesterday me and a few friends went to a world food buffet called Charlie Choy's near us which sereved bascially everything so I ate wayy too much! The best bit was the pudding, they made pancakes with maple syrup, banana and marshmallows! I think I had every type of food there was there, so today I still felt so full, which was good in some ways because I went to pick up my AS Results today and literally felt so sick and nervous to eat anything!

I got BBBC which I am so pleased with as they were my target grades anyway and afterwards I went out with my best friends to a cafe to celebrate with a slice of cake! Then I got home to an empty house, there was literally no one to talk to or celebrate with, all there was was a card (it is quite pretty I guess!)

Hope anyone who was getting their results got what they wanted!

Thanks for reading

Rhiannon xxx

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wishlist Outfit

This morning was suppose to be my relaxing morning to get a few bits done and not have to worry about work or anything. Well at half 8 the plumber turned up to sort out our heating problems and has so far made holes in the walls everywhere, scared my cats out to high heaven and generally annoyed me so much that I am now confined to my room! So much for my lie-in!

Whilst scrolling through the new in clothing in New Look I came across this gorgeous top and tried to imagine what I could wear it with.

I'd style it with
MOTO Supersoft Skinny Leigh Jeans

Flower Print Blazer
River Island

Blink Leopard Print Cat Face Slipper Shoes
New Look

Mixed Metal Assorted Pack of Rings
River Island

I think the floral blazer makes the look more girly, whereas the studded collar and rings makes it look more tough and fierce. I love a good pair of black skinny jeans, I searched for a really good pair and found my perfect pair in Marks and Spencer, of all the places! The shoes are just too cute with a cat face on the front, maybe a little treat for me when I get paid!

Hope you enjoyed reading this

Rhiannon xxx

Monday, 13 August 2012


Ahhh..... I'm actually so upset that it's over now! Well until the Paralympics!
Did anyone watch the closing ceremony? It was awesome! Some people are comparing it to the opening ceremony but I think they both have totally different purposes, like the opening was just to welcome all the athletes and get hyped up for the games whereas the closing ceremony was to celebrate the games and pass onto Rio for 2016.


A few of my top moments! The fireworks were amazing, I always wonder how the time it so perfectly and know what to put where and when and if they have rehearsals. It was quite a sad moment when the torch was put out to signal the end of the games. I really enjoyed it all and have never felt to patriotic and proud of Great Britain! Ahhh my lovely Take That were there, bless Gary Barlow of coming! Of course everyone was waiting for the Spice Girls, great idea to have them come in personalised cabs. Love a bit of Queen music, Jessie J was the best choice to sing with them.

Overall I loved it all! Our Paralmpic tickets came today for the Athletics, soooo excited now can't wait for it to start up again :)

Did you guys enjoy it all? Best moment?

Rhiannon xxxx

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