Monday, 16 July 2012

A spot of shopping.....

I went shopping with fellow blogger Nakedblueberry and we picked up a few bits for the summer (hoping the rain will stop!) and I'd thought I'd share them with you! Excuse the horrible pictures! Enjoy.

Daisy Playsuit     
New Look
Sale £9
This piece was a total bargain! It's one of those labels in New Look which I have bought dresses and buts from before. Definitely my favourite buy! 

Stripy Cropped Jumper
This one is soooo comfortable! It can be worn with jeans and trainers when it's cold then with shorts or over a bikini in the summer. I bought another jumper in this style in baby blue awhile ago, then I sewed on these silver sequin leaves on the shoulders and now it's one of my most worn jumpers!  

Crop Top in Coral
Uh, what a terrible picture!
I've been a bit wary of crop tops and not too sure what to wear them with but I love the colour and feel of the material of this one. I've teamed it with my high waisted shorts (which took FOREVER to find, H&M to the rescue!) and will probably wear it during the cold and rainy summer with a white t-shirt and blue jeans!

Hope you enjoyed it!
Everyone is more than welcome to comment on any posts :)

Rhiannon xxx


  1. You bought such lovely things, especially the playsuit! What a bargain xxx

    1. Thanks! Yeah I love it! Hopefully going to wear it next week when for the expected heat wave :) xxx

  2. Love those cute tops from Topshop, so cheap too! x

    1. Yeah I know! Just need a toned stomach to match! Haha x


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