Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Going for Gold.... Hopefully?


Phew! It's only been four days since the Olympics started and there's already problems!

Thousands of tickets are being put back on sale due to empty seats....maybe it's because of the rubbish system that was put in place at the beginning? You might get the slightest hint that I'm a bit angry about this all! I thought that holding the Olympics in Great Britain meant that everyone had the chance to get to see something at least? I'm going to try and get tickets for something now they're going back on sale, maybe the swimmers or gymnastics might cheer me up a bit? Haha

So far Great Britain are in 20th place with 1 silver and 2 bronze medals.

Elizabeth Armitstead won our first silver medal in the Women's Road Race. Looking back on the event it looks a bit too scary for me! But good on her!

Our first Bronze came from Rebecca Adlington in the Women's 400m Freestyle. (Loving the fact that the first two medals came from women!)

Our next Bronze medal came from the Men's Gymnastics team (originally a silver medal before the Japanese made an appeal). Bronze is brilliant because they weren't expecting to even get a medal for it! Just awesome.

I'm really getting into the Olympics this time because it's in Great Britain and everyone is getting so excited and patriotic over it, so I am just loving it! Events to watch are diving, gymnastics, equestrian, swimming and athletics, they're all going to be fantastic to see!

On the downside there have been reports of an arrest of a Twitter 'troll' who was abusing the diver Tom Daley over  his previous performance including comments about his dad. My mum had cancer a few years ago so hearing people say things like "You let your dad down i hope you know that." are just horrible and sickening  and makes me feel so angry that people like this can dampen the spirit of others, when talented athletes like Daley are doing their best and representing Britain so well. Coming 4th in the final against very very talented divers is an accomplishment in it's self! Now Daley's got the individual event to concentrate on and hopefully win gold!

Hope everyone is enjoying watching the Olympics on TV and if you're lucky at the actual event!
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Rhiannon xxx


  1. I'm just catching up on all the Olympic news because I just got back from my holiday, I cannot believe all the drama haha! Poor Tom Daley, twitter trolls are so pathetic xxx

    1. Hope you had a good holiday! Yeah I know, it's horrible! They really do need a life haha xx


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