Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Could it be Magic?

If you recognise the names David Blaine, Dynamo or Criss Angel then you'll know I'm talking about magic. In my opinion these are the best modern magicians and they do their stuff to the highest level.

 Starting off with Criss Angel, this crazy guy does some awesome illusions and has a great personality. I have two favourite clips on with a cigarette and the other on a beach.

Next Dynamo, I love the fact that he's been born and bred in Britain and learnt his tricks from his grandfather. His best trick, in my opinion is the credit card fraud and the walking on water.

I couldn't find the clip for the credit card fraud trick but it's on Impossible part 1 about half way in (it's seriously one of the best!)

Finally my favourite, David Blaine. He mainly uses cards as a source but does do his famous levitation and biting the coin act too. The acts that stick out for me are the levitation and watch changing acts.

Sometimes magic isn't always accepted by some people because the may not believe or want to believe that it is possible. It's something that I love seeing because it takes talent and practise to perfect, which shows the dedication of the magician or illusionist.

Let me know of your opinion of this!

Thanks for reading!

R xoxo


  1. I'm totally obsessed with Dynamo, he's so clever! I think he's deff magic, there's no other explanation haha! Is it wrong that I fancy him a bit? He's got such lovely eyes xxxx

    1. I've only just discovered him and think he's awesome! Haha I can see why! All their hands just go so quick, it looks amazing xxxx


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