Wednesday, 25 July 2012

And that's why you should wear suncream....

I've been a bit of a busy bee this week, being the end of sixth form and my birthday! I'll start off with the Olympic torch that came past our town last Tuesday, got some cracking pictures, but I felt like it was all too quick :( but the Olympics start this week so I'm looking forward to all the excitement for them! We had a French lady, but we didn't recognise her! I was suppose to have a sixth form 'sports day' but the ground was too wet, a good thing too because I was going to do the egg and spoon race......dressed up as a pink fairy! What a sight! haha

Has anyone got tickets to the Olympics?

On Thursday we had our last day, so as a 'teambulding' exercise we walked across the Seven Sisters on the South Downs for 8 miles. Now if anyone has ever done the Seven Sisters hills then you'll know that for some of them you are literally crawling on you hands to reach the top! So a well-earned onion rings and chips and ice cream was scoffed down in Eastbourne! Also as it was cloudy but windy I didn't put any suncream on (as usual!) and got very painful sunburn all across my face and neck, kind of looks like I'm blushing constantly! Not a good look......

There were some really great views, so I took a few pictures. As you can probably see there aren't any fences near the cliff edge so you could jump off so easily! But I wouldn't recommend that.....

Anyone been to the South Downs before?

As it was getting closer to my 17th my car came! I was so excited for it! My sister and her boyfriend got me a pair of furry dice and eyelashes for my car, what do you think?! Her name is Gloria! haha

We've taken her out a few times and I've just come home from my first proper lesson with a driving instructor (who is the size of an elf! Bless him!) and so far I haven't crashed or killed anyone so it must be going good! I've booked in for a longer session on Friday so we can go a bit further.

Any tips or advice for a first time driver?

Thanks for reading this. I hope you likeed finding out about my week!

Enjoy the sunshine!

Rhiannon xxx

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