Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Going for Gold.... Hopefully?


Phew! It's only been four days since the Olympics started and there's already problems!

Thousands of tickets are being put back on sale due to empty seats....maybe it's because of the rubbish system that was put in place at the beginning? You might get the slightest hint that I'm a bit angry about this all! I thought that holding the Olympics in Great Britain meant that everyone had the chance to get to see something at least? I'm going to try and get tickets for something now they're going back on sale, maybe the swimmers or gymnastics might cheer me up a bit? Haha

So far Great Britain are in 20th place with 1 silver and 2 bronze medals.

Elizabeth Armitstead won our first silver medal in the Women's Road Race. Looking back on the event it looks a bit too scary for me! But good on her!

Our first Bronze came from Rebecca Adlington in the Women's 400m Freestyle. (Loving the fact that the first two medals came from women!)

Our next Bronze medal came from the Men's Gymnastics team (originally a silver medal before the Japanese made an appeal). Bronze is brilliant because they weren't expecting to even get a medal for it! Just awesome.

I'm really getting into the Olympics this time because it's in Great Britain and everyone is getting so excited and patriotic over it, so I am just loving it! Events to watch are diving, gymnastics, equestrian, swimming and athletics, they're all going to be fantastic to see!

On the downside there have been reports of an arrest of a Twitter 'troll' who was abusing the diver Tom Daley over  his previous performance including comments about his dad. My mum had cancer a few years ago so hearing people say things like "You let your dad down i hope you know that." are just horrible and sickening  and makes me feel so angry that people like this can dampen the spirit of others, when talented athletes like Daley are doing their best and representing Britain so well. Coming 4th in the final against very very talented divers is an accomplishment in it's self! Now Daley's got the individual event to concentrate on and hopefully win gold!

Hope everyone is enjoying watching the Olympics on TV and if you're lucky at the actual event!
Thanks for reading
Rhiannon xxx

Sunday, 29 July 2012

I Heart...... Books

Another hobby of mine is reading chick lit........ wayyy too much! These ones are a recent find that you must read!

It starts off with I Heart New York and goes through that way! I haven't read the last two yet, but I have a feeling they're going to be the last in the series :( It's basically a women called Angela who runs away to New York (wouldn't we all want to!) and her adventures in Hollywood, Paris, Vegas and London. They're literally a laugh out loud book and one of those books that you wish were actually true! Definitely my recommend book for a relaxing summer holiday :)

Rhiannon xxxx

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

And that's why you should wear suncream....

I've been a bit of a busy bee this week, being the end of sixth form and my birthday! I'll start off with the Olympic torch that came past our town last Tuesday, got some cracking pictures, but I felt like it was all too quick :( but the Olympics start this week so I'm looking forward to all the excitement for them! We had a French lady, but we didn't recognise her! I was suppose to have a sixth form 'sports day' but the ground was too wet, a good thing too because I was going to do the egg and spoon race......dressed up as a pink fairy! What a sight! haha

Has anyone got tickets to the Olympics?

On Thursday we had our last day, so as a 'teambulding' exercise we walked across the Seven Sisters on the South Downs for 8 miles. Now if anyone has ever done the Seven Sisters hills then you'll know that for some of them you are literally crawling on you hands to reach the top! So a well-earned onion rings and chips and ice cream was scoffed down in Eastbourne! Also as it was cloudy but windy I didn't put any suncream on (as usual!) and got very painful sunburn all across my face and neck, kind of looks like I'm blushing constantly! Not a good look......

There were some really great views, so I took a few pictures. As you can probably see there aren't any fences near the cliff edge so you could jump off so easily! But I wouldn't recommend that.....

Anyone been to the South Downs before?

As it was getting closer to my 17th my car came! I was so excited for it! My sister and her boyfriend got me a pair of furry dice and eyelashes for my car, what do you think?! Her name is Gloria! haha

We've taken her out a few times and I've just come home from my first proper lesson with a driving instructor (who is the size of an elf! Bless him!) and so far I haven't crashed or killed anyone so it must be going good! I've booked in for a longer session on Friday so we can go a bit further.

Any tips or advice for a first time driver?

Thanks for reading this. I hope you likeed finding out about my week!

Enjoy the sunshine!

Rhiannon xxx

Monday, 16 July 2012


On a previous post I wrote a love poem so recently I've been inspired to try to write a few Haiku poems!
They're a Japanese style poetry, very short with only three lines which has 5,7,5 beats or meter in it (if that makes sense!). Here's mine, tell me if you like them!

What's it like to fly?
A butterfly dreams so big
Soars and dives away

My wings are bound tight
To break out I must believe
I want to fly far

They're a bit rubbish at the moment but I'm going to keep working on them and produce some better ones to show on here!

Thanks for reading this, much appreciated :)

Rhiannon xxx

A spot of shopping.....

I went shopping with fellow blogger Nakedblueberry and we picked up a few bits for the summer (hoping the rain will stop!) and I'd thought I'd share them with you! Excuse the horrible pictures! Enjoy.

Daisy Playsuit     
New Look
Sale £9
This piece was a total bargain! It's one of those labels in New Look which I have bought dresses and buts from before. Definitely my favourite buy! 

Stripy Cropped Jumper
This one is soooo comfortable! It can be worn with jeans and trainers when it's cold then with shorts or over a bikini in the summer. I bought another jumper in this style in baby blue awhile ago, then I sewed on these silver sequin leaves on the shoulders and now it's one of my most worn jumpers!  

Crop Top in Coral
Uh, what a terrible picture!
I've been a bit wary of crop tops and not too sure what to wear them with but I love the colour and feel of the material of this one. I've teamed it with my high waisted shorts (which took FOREVER to find, H&M to the rescue!) and will probably wear it during the cold and rainy summer with a white t-shirt and blue jeans!

Hope you enjoyed it!
Everyone is more than welcome to comment on any posts :)

Rhiannon xxx

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Could it be Magic?

If you recognise the names David Blaine, Dynamo or Criss Angel then you'll know I'm talking about magic. In my opinion these are the best modern magicians and they do their stuff to the highest level.

 Starting off with Criss Angel, this crazy guy does some awesome illusions and has a great personality. I have two favourite clips on with a cigarette and the other on a beach.



Next Dynamo, I love the fact that he's been born and bred in Britain and learnt his tricks from his grandfather. His best trick, in my opinion is the credit card fraud and the walking on water.


I couldn't find the clip for the credit card fraud trick but it's on Impossible part 1 about half way in (it's seriously one of the best!)

Finally my favourite, David Blaine. He mainly uses cards as a source but does do his famous levitation and biting the coin act too. The acts that stick out for me are the levitation and watch changing acts.



Sometimes magic isn't always accepted by some people because the may not believe or want to believe that it is possible. It's something that I love seeing because it takes talent and practise to perfect, which shows the dedication of the magician or illusionist.

Let me know of your opinion of this!

Thanks for reading!

R xoxo

Monday, 9 July 2012

I think I've died and gone to heaven....

The reason for the post name is because I went to my first ever festival this weekend and I loved it!
I went to Wireless in Hyde Park with a few friends and I didn't expect to have such an amazing time and wishing I could do it a hundred times over! I was so squahsed in that I couldn't actually take any decent photos so these are off the internet. So for the short version of my blabbing I've done a few best bits of it. Enjoy!

3) Labrinth - Let the Sunshine and Pitbull - Rain Over Me.

As expected the rain and sun came, typical British weather. But strangely Pitbull brought out the rain and Labrinth brought out the sun when those exact songs came on! Strange and weird!

2) Pitbull bringing out Ne-Yo for Give Me Everything Tonight

At first I was wondering why everyone was screaming and pushing forward, then I heard Ne-Yo sing and it clicked! I've always been a massive fan of his and remember having Mad and Sexy Love on repeat until it drove everyone crazy! So it definitely made my night seeing him as it was a total surprise!

1) Rihanna. Just her being her.

She was the main performance I was waiting for and she didn't disappoint! She really brought the crowd together and everyone was really going for it and throwing out all the moves! (haha that sounds a bit cringey, but true!) She's a great performer, has catchy music and is totally worth standing for 11 hours for!


There's loads more but I don't want to bore you guys!

Did anyone else go? Your favourite bit?

Thanks for reading this!
R xoxo

Friday, 6 July 2012

Soap and Glory Addict?

These products are the God sent beauty must haves! I didn't realised that I had so much (I've got spares of most!) until I got them all out, oh well! They're little messages are THE BEST!!! These are my top products, Enjoy!

Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath
Clean On Me Shower Gel
Foam Call Body Wash

I get most of these products during christmas in the goodie bags so I always stock up around then! I've had the bubble bath for about a year and half and used three quaters of it because I love it so mcuh i don't want to use it all! haha It's got a great smell and makes loads of bubbles! Clean On Me is another one I've had for a while and I manage to use two every year. I love it because is lathers really well and has the Soap and Glory classic smell! I bought Foam Call not that long ago and I've been hooked ever since. It's got THE best scent and foams so well, it kind of smells like male shower gels but a bit fruitier and girlier!

Flake Away Scrub
Pulp-Friction Scrub
The Scrub of Your Life
Scrub Your Nose In It
Face Soap and Clarity

Flake Away was my first ever scrub, I'd heard alot about it and thought I'd give it a try! It's good for a basic and to the point scrub, so I'd definitely reccomend this! Pulp-Friction is another love, I discovered it a few months ago and I'm now married to it! It FOAMS as well as SCRUBS! Newsflash! Again it smells like male fruity, musky shower gels. Perfect! The Scrub of Your Life (great title, right?!) great all-rounded, plus it also foams, but the bead bits are slightly too rough for me, but it's great for a scrub blitz! Next, Scrub Your Nose In It smells gorgeous, minty, friuty and fresh. It also doubles up as a mask and really gets into all your pores and gives them a real deep clean. Face Soap and Clarity has been another great find, it gives your skin a nice smooth feeling and is great all rounder for your face.

The Righteous Butter
Hand Food
Heel Genius
Off Your Face

I have alot to thank Soap and Glory for creating the Righteous Butter! It's a brillian creamy, moiturising, non-greasy body lotion. Great for targeting rough areas! Another awesome product (they are all just amazing!) Hand Food is just like the Righteous Butter and doesn't leave your hands feeling all slimy, plus it smells like a marshmallow! Yum! I think Heel Genius is the product I'm most disappointed about, it's always so greasy and doesn't smell as great as the other stuff but if you have areas that you want to focus on it's good for those rough bits! Off Your Face cleansing cloths save so mcuh time for when you come in from a night out and can't be bothered to go and cleanse and tone. All you've got to do is rub it across your face (after you've taken your make up off,! Obvs!) and doubles up as an exfoliator too! Win win all round!

Does anyone have a favourite product?
Anything amazing I need to try?

Think I've blabbed on for long enough now! It's obviously up to you to try them out and see which ones suit you best, so happy washing!

Thanks for reading this!

R xoxo

P.S Nail update!
 I've been trying out new colours and thought I'd experiment with a new style! I used a cocktail stick to swirl the polish around to make a cool pattern. Not too sure about it yet though, what do you think?

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


We had this awesome poet come into our sixth form school today called Ash Dickson. It was a bit awkward to start off with but then everyone got into the hang of it and joined in. We did a few activities of writing poems and some haiku poems and I realised that I really loved it! I write in diaries and on here but poems are different because you have to be more creative and imaginative about what you write, so you may see a few more on here from me!

This is one I did today! Enjoy!

The rose petals fall.
Anger inside me. A ball.
I feel blue. Subdued.

The open wings of a swan.
The open arms of a teddy bear.
They're not for me. Jealousy.

R xoxo

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Loose Yourself

Sorry I've been a bit AWOL for a while! It's been a bit busy here at the moment!
I thought I'd post about another of my inspirational films that I've watched recently.

8 Mile has been called the rap-Rocky and it definitely lives up to that title. If you've never heard Eminem, I seriously recommend you check out his music. Despite not enjoying rap music that much because all the talk about is women and money, I was hooked onto his emotional and personal lyrics straight away. I first listened to him through my sister; she was absolutely crazy about him and had posters, videos (back in the old days!) and all of his albums. And I have her to thank for that.
8 Mile represents Detroit’s youths in 1995 and their hope of recognition through their only dream: hip-hop. Definitely worth watching, it's so inspirational and motivational that it's got Loose Yourself on loop on my iPod and will continue to be my inspiration.

R xoxo
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