Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Fashion Inspiration #5

By far my favourite..... Emma Watson!

I think I can probably talk forever about how much this girl is a fashion inspiration to me but here's a few points about her and images of her best outfits!

Emma has perfected the thrown together look and this one is no exception. The trench coat and trilby hat gives Emma a masculine style, as does the dark tones and chain handbag. Overall this casual rocker outfit stands out again Emma's usual style of girl next door and is just right for travelling or just going out.

Her Oscar De La Renta dress she wore for the last Harry Potter premier stands out for me because it's bold and beautiful without being too much in your face. The slight detailing on the top half and ruffles on the skirt do all the talking so there's no need for any statement jewellery as such. It looks great with Emma's pixie crop (which I'd love to try but just haven't got the guts.... or the face!) which is a style trend in it's self and easy to do. Overall a 5 star rating and thumbs up for a beautiful and stunning dress!

Hope you enjoyed all the fashion inspirations as much as I have! And who knows what's next....

R xoxo

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