Saturday, 5 May 2012

Hey guys! New post from the new laptop! so happy I finally got this, so much easier to use than the big old computer!
this is a bit of an all rounder post, bit of everything I'm doing at the moment!
First off, totally LOVING the band called Train, I've been humming Soul Sister and Drive By all day, it's been annoying everyone, including me! lol so i will definitely find the time to download the album and give it a proper review later on :)

Secondly, I am adoring denim shirts (yeah i know bit behind the times!) I'm 'borrowing' a dark wash one from Primark (such an amazing shop, if you look in the right places) from my sister, Sshh!!! she's on holiday so i can take advantage of her clothes and jewellery whilst she's away. Woop!! Also got to add that I'm wearing my nan's watch, which looks soooo cool because it's got that vintage look about it.

Thirdly, how crappy is the weather at the moment!! Supposedly we're in a 'drought' all i see is rain! I started to get all my summer bits out, to then see the rain tipping it down. Ah well winter coats and woolly jumpers for me!

Fourthly, as it's getting to that time of year, my exams start in a couple of weeks. Been stressing out a bit but with (hopefully) a lot of  revision over this 3 day weekend I'll get there in the end. So i may not blog for a while but surely my exam revision timetable can squeeze in some bloging?!!

Thanks for reading!

R xoxo

P.S How yummy does this blueberry muffin look?!!!

P.P.S Which my cat, Charlie, started to eat the wrapper afterwards! (He looks cute but he's really a menace!!)

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