Thursday, 31 May 2012

Oxford Street Mania!

Oxford Street is one of the best places to shop for high street bands, they're everywhere! And I can guarantee you'll find something you'll love! So I just thought I'd post a few of my buys!

Dress, Primark
This dress would be perfect for wearing over a bikini in the summer or for lounging around in the park, it has a slit in the back which makes it extra cool! The flower print is on the top half of the dress and just adds a slight bit of detail. Great for the beach!

Dress, H&M
Necklace, Primark
I love this mint green dress! I thought at first it may be a bit too bright and look slightly luminous but after trying it on I like the simplicity of it and that fact that I can jazz it up with statement jewellery like the necklace. It's great for sixth form because it's comfortable and not too short! I'll probably team it with tights and pumps when it's cold then sandals in the summer.

Dress, TopShop
My favourite purchase!! I am absolutely in love with this dress! At first I was a bit weary about trying it on, thinking the print was a bit too out there for me but then soon fell in love with it! I find it difficult to find dresses which suit my frame (plus I am a bit picky!) so a V-neck style which nips in at the waist is a great style for me! I'll wear this in the summer with maybe trainers or sandals, then with thick tights and boots in the winter!
Gold Sandals, Primark
White Plimsolls, New Look
Aztec Print, Sandals, Forever 21

As the summer has come around so quickly this year I've been rushing to get new sandals because most of mine are either broken or a bit worn out now. I did have some similar gold sandals from Primark last year which had lasted me for a while until the sole came off! I found the Aztec print sandals in Forever 21, another favourite shop to go to in Oxford street! The prices and quality of clothes are so good there and I adore all the jewellery there (I purchased a pair of blue beaded hoop earrings for the summer) and these sandals will be brilliant for keeping my feet cool and comfortable whilst stylish! The white plimsolls from New Look I've been hesitating about for a while, but I decided to go for it and get them because I can alternate between them and my trainers for a causal and easy to where shoe.

Phew!! After all that shopping I was totally cream-crackered!
As always let me know what you guys think and feel free to comment on any of the posts!

Thanks for reading!
R xoxo

Monday, 28 May 2012

Summer Lovin'

Hi guys! Just been shopping with a friend and thought I'd share my outfit and purchases with you!

My Outfit.
Playsuit: Tescos
Bag: New Look
Bracelets: Primark
I absolutely adore this playsuit and have had it for so long I don't know how I can still fit in it!!
It's great for shopping because it's easy to wear and move in, but I have to ask my friend to unzip it for me when I need to get out of it! Across the body bags are also really good for shopping because you have your hands free and you can grab your phone or purse easily.

My Purchases!

Skull Bracelets, Claires Accessories
Possibly my favourite buy! I love wearing skulls and crosses and have tons of pieces of jewellery and T-shirts with them across, but I like to contrast them with florals and bright pops of colours to make them really stand out. So I will be wearing these with my purple and floral bangles with my raspberry skinny jeans.

Tiger Earrings,  River Island
I am a bit weary about wearing these because they're a bit different to what I would normally wear. However I'm known for having massive earrings and rings, so I might be able to come round to wearing them. I love tigers though so the style is perfect for me. Definitely wearing them with my hair up so people can see both sides!

Purple and Sea Green Nail polishes, Miss Sporty
I've been meaning to try out the ice cream shades that seem to be everywhere right now, so I found a purple that wasn't too pale or dark (I hate having to do 3 or more coats!). Then I saw the Sea Green, not normally my cuppa tea but I thought I'd give it a try to liven up usual pinks and reds! I'll do another little post in the future about how well they go.

That's about all guys! Thanks for reading!

As usual you can comment on any of my posts and I will get back to you asap!

R xoxo

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Brace yourselves....

This is going to be one loooonngg post. Excuse my time off from blogging (exams and all). I'm back with a new attitude to post more often! Lucky you.....!
Currently listening to Gym Class Hereos, Stereo Heart and Moving Pictures, Never.

First thing's first, Isn't this weather great!!!! Absolutely loving it, feels like being on holiday again, whipping out the suncream and shorts feels so good! Unfortunately being a red head with sensitive skin I burn easily (and not to mention get covered in freckles!), so I thought this time I would cover every inch of my body on show with suncream, but I still managed to get burnt! Grrr! Painful week ahead! Any one else with them same problem?

Despite that I was inspired by the weather to take pictures of my mums lovely flowers (don't ask what they are I have no clue!! lol) with my new camera. As I want to be a journalist, I'm really interested in everything!

Next my cats. They're like my best friends, always there for a cuddle and stroke. The five chickens and cats sat with me outside while I was revising so I took the opportunity to take some pictures of them. Enjoy!
Charlie (How cute!)

Ginger Willow and Persephone
Just a little bit about my latest purchase. Floral and pastel ice cream colours are going to be all over this summer, so i felt like i couldn't not buy them!

Feel free to comment on any of my posts, would be awesome to hear from you guys!

R xox

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Hey guys! New post from the new laptop! so happy I finally got this, so much easier to use than the big old computer!
this is a bit of an all rounder post, bit of everything I'm doing at the moment!
First off, totally LOVING the band called Train, I've been humming Soul Sister and Drive By all day, it's been annoying everyone, including me! lol so i will definitely find the time to download the album and give it a proper review later on :)

Secondly, I am adoring denim shirts (yeah i know bit behind the times!) I'm 'borrowing' a dark wash one from Primark (such an amazing shop, if you look in the right places) from my sister, Sshh!!! she's on holiday so i can take advantage of her clothes and jewellery whilst she's away. Woop!! Also got to add that I'm wearing my nan's watch, which looks soooo cool because it's got that vintage look about it.

Thirdly, how crappy is the weather at the moment!! Supposedly we're in a 'drought' all i see is rain! I started to get all my summer bits out, to then see the rain tipping it down. Ah well winter coats and woolly jumpers for me!

Fourthly, as it's getting to that time of year, my exams start in a couple of weeks. Been stressing out a bit but with (hopefully) a lot of  revision over this 3 day weekend I'll get there in the end. So i may not blog for a while but surely my exam revision timetable can squeeze in some bloging?!!

Thanks for reading!

R xoxo

P.S How yummy does this blueberry muffin look?!!!

P.P.S Which my cat, Charlie, started to eat the wrapper afterwards! (He looks cute but he's really a menace!!)

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