Monday, 31 December 2012

Rhiannon's Best of 2012

I had the idea of compiling a list of events that happened over the past year, so I can look back this time next year and see how everything has changed! Plus I forget everything so this will help me A LOT!

Olympics: Now I'm sure everyone has heard enough about the London 2012 Olympics, but I think it's one of the best events to ever happen to the UK. Others may disagree but, personally, it's made me feel a lot more patriotic and pro-uk! Plus in 30 years to come and I can say that I was alive when the Olympics was held in London, which I think is pretty cool!
The Diamond Jubilee: Oh how I love the Queenie! After the Royal Wedding celebrations, the Jubilee was next on the list in the Royal calendar and she didn't disappoint! My mum is a bit of a royal fan and loves anything to do with them, so we had jubilee party in the Queens honour! The banners went up, Union Jack and Royal style merchandise was everywhere and to top it off the concert exceeded beyond my expectations, well done Barlow!
Dropping down to a sad note. Whitney Houston was found dead in her hotel room in February this year, another icon lost again but her music will live on forever.
I remember way back when Obama's campaign for American Presidency was going crazy in America, I was in New York with my brother and nearly everything and everyone had some sort of Obama logo on them in support. His re-election this year will hopefully make some sort of change in the forthcoming years!
Bradley Wiggins win of the Tour De France, the first ever British Cyclist to ever win it will definitely be remembered!
NASA's Mars Rover landed successfully on Mars late this year, wouldn't it be so awesome if there was another life form on Mars or another planet?!
Oh Lady Sybill! Oh Lady Edith! Oh Lady Mary! They've all been in the wars at Downton Abbey but as it was named Best Drama at the National TV Awards this year it has definitely lived up to it's title!
Adele winning six grammy awards proves that she is and still is one of the best singers
 of all time, after that Rolling in the Deep was on repeat on my ipod for a long while after that!
Overall 2012 has had it's highs and lows but in general it's been a great learning curve for me and hopefully 2013 will live up to its expectations!
I hope everyone has a very happy new year and I'll see you guys on the other side!
Rhiannon xxx

Saturday, 29 December 2012

GHD IV Straighteners

Hi guys! So today I was feeling a bit lazy and wasn't up to do a full blown normal post, which gave me the perfect opportunity to demonstrate my new GHDs! Enjoy.
This is my hair normally, I'd say it's kinda in between wavy and curly! It's definitely not straight :( It's always been a bit of a pain to straighten it coz it would stay straight for an hour or so, then slowly and annoyingly start waving back. However whenever I got the chance to use my lovely sisters GHDs my hair would stay straight for ages!
Anyone got any tips for keeping wavy hair straight? Any recommended beauty products would be appreciated :)
This is my hair after straightening it (excuse the no make up face I was working all day!) So a total difference compared to my usual remmington straighteners! I don't think I mentioned where we got them from, they're on amazon and only £79 which is quite cheap compared to their other products. This is one of the basic styles so I didn't expect anything fancy but it still does the job well! Overall I am very happy with the outcome :)
 Anyone else use GHD straighteners? Love them or hate them?
Rhiannon xxx

Friday, 28 December 2012

I've been spolit

Excuse my absence, with Christmas taking over and my dads birthday on the 27th, it's all be a bit crazy! I hope everyone had a good Christmas like I did with lots of food, too much tv and the usual arguing over board games!
So I thought I'd share my Christmas presents with you amazing lot! Enjoy!
I got the pink slippers from my sister as my ones are falling apart a bit! The purple blanket and leopard slippers are from a friend, she knows that I'm always cold! haha. My mum, bless her, got a blanket and few bits for my car that I haven't got yet.
Lush bath bombs are the best at Christmas time! I tried a cinnamon one last night and, oh my, it smelt gorgeous! I got three from my sister, we actually got the same for each other, great minds and all! She also got me a few barry m glittery nail polishes and the soap and glory products, she knows me too well. I don't normally wear glittery nail polishes but for Christmas we used her shellac polishes that last for ages in a festive gold glitter and now I think I've been converted! The Aussie shampoo and conditioner are from my mum, think she's trying to tell me something?! The lovely Nakedblueberry got me the Nip+Fab beauty set, I haven't heard a lot about them but I tried the eye cream last night and it's made my eyes look a lot brighter!
Ahh.... they look so pretty. This was the only thing I asked for this year. We found them on amazon for under £100 so snapped them up quickly! I am yet to try them out as I've been super busy but I will definitely do a review soon!

My big brother bought me the big bang theory box set and thank god he did as my sister is taking her friends box set to her new house, so I don't need to worry about having nothing to watch! My mum thought it would be funny if she bought all of us the same cook book as a hint for us to cook more, although looking through it there are tons of stuff i want to cook now! She also got the book, which my English teachers recommend that I read and the cute paper weight, I love birds! Mum also bought the dvd for me, as I'm a massive Heath Ledger fan and I love the fact that it's based on The Taming of the Shrew by Shakespeare, such a good play! My friend has a strange obsession with my cat and takes pictures of him all the time, so she bought me this to put in my new room, weird child! haha

Nothing is complete without a few choccies! One of my friends that I work with made me some cute gingerbread, she's amazing at baking so I knew they were going to be yummy! My favourite sweets are definitely the haribo tangfastics, so I get them every year. And the usual Christmas style chocolates! Got to eat all of them before New Year Eve! Trip to the dentist soon then...
Hope everyone had a lovely christmas!!
Rhiannon xxx



Monday, 24 December 2012

I couldn't resist!

Grey Jumper: Forever 21
Camouflage Print Jumper: Primark
Dress: Primark
They were calling out to me! I've wanted, needed a grey jumper for ages, I like the neck cut as I can put chunky short necklaces with, plus it is soooo soft! I spotted the camouflage print jumper in primark last time but I wasn't too sure about it, after I tried it on this time I loved it. I'm wearing it now with my black skinnies, swallow earrings and my nanny's watch. I could have survived without the dress but everyone needs a Christmas dress! It's quite stretchy and not too short, so that will please the mother! I'm thinking of wearing it as it is with black tights or underneath a burgundy jumper with black tights. I haven't tried wearing jumpers over dresses yet coz they always look a bit strange on me but hey ho we'll give it a go!
So far today I got up at 7 to go into town to get last minute bits, we were there at 8 and it was so quiet! And actually got everything we needed really quickly! Next on the plan today is to meet our family friends for a pub lunch and swap presents and then our local church service in the evening and fish and chips for dinner! I'll be so stuffed at the end... like our turkey! haha that was a rubbish christmas joke coz what my mum does it she actually buys two massive turkey breasts, sticks them together with stuffing then wraps bacon round it, so it's not an actual whole turkey but it's close enough and half the price, clever mum! Talking about this is making me hungry now! On to the choccies...
Hope everyone has a very merry christmas!!!
Lots of love Rhiannon xxx

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Winter wonderland!

Top: Zara
Jumper: Sister's (Zara, I think!)
Belt: Primark
Bag: Present
So yesterday me and my friend went to Oxford street and Hyde park to the winter wonderland! It's a Christmas market/funfair/food heaven. If you have the time before Christmas I'd definitely make the trip there. I'd just go for the food! Fun fair food is just the best! I one of the best waffles ever, so chocolaty! Although I did have to remind the man that I'd asked for a waffle when he forgot a few minutes after I told him! We didn't go on any rides because we were stuffed with food and we had a ton of shopping bags (I'll be putting the pictures on tomorrow). Which was a shame coz they looked so fun! My favourite is this one:
I tried describing it to my mum but she had no clue what I was saying, so instead of making an idiot of myself on here, I thought a picture would be better! Although the one at Hyde park was massive and a lot taller!
As usual Oxford street was packed but we really went for the Christmas lights.... and the new primark! I've already spoken about this but it is just awesome! As were the lights and the displays at Selfridges, they had white horses and sweet machines, crazy but so festive!! Overall a very christmassy day, definitely ready for next week now!
Hope everyone is well!
Rhiannon xxx 

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Minnie Mouse

Cardigan: M&S
Top and Skirt: New Look
Hello lovelies! Hope everyone is doing well! Not too long before Christmas so we can all take that well deserved break...
Today I felt like wearing a skirt as I haven't worn one is ages and of course the day I chose to wear one it rainy and windy! I sat in my car for ages just waiting for the rain to stop until I had to make a dash across the car park to get in! My trusty Roxy brown coat came out and kept me dry and toasty :) This top is actually a crop top so it just tucks into my skirt and I don't wear it that much coz I don't have any high-waisted jeans (something to find in the sales!) The cardigan is dark blue which I bought ages ago and it's so soft coz it's half cashmere and something else really soft! I love love skater skirts, before they came out I didn't wear skirts that much, I only had the tube styles and my bum isn't that nice! haha
It was officially my last day today at sixth form for 2012! We didn't do that much, watched a few films and ate a lot of chocolate. My friend gave my a box of heroes for Christmas but I've opened them already, as they were so tempting, is that bad luck?! I hope not! This evening I'm babysitting for my mum's friend as she's going to her work Christmas do. I've never actually baby sat before by myself, I've done it with friends, so I'm a little bit nervous about what they'll want to do! It's two girls, one is 9 and the other is 7 so I've been printing off loads of Christmas colouring crafty stuff for us to do and I'll probably bring so dvd's over! Hopefully that will be enough, I'll update you guys about how it goes, unless they kill me..... haha
Rhiannon xxx

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

I've been hibernating......

It's been a little while since I've lasted posted as I've been crazy busy with coursework, work, helping decorate my sisters house and all the usual Christmas stuff! I've actually managed to get my shopping done in 4 shops now, so for me that's pretty good! although I'm terrible at wrapping them, definitely a fight with the sellotape for me over the next few days!
I did get the chance to see Great Expectations at the weekend with the old folks. I've read it in English lessons before and kinda had the gist of the story but my parents had no clue and I swear at one point mum fell asleep! I'm a sucker for love films, especially period genres plus Jeremy Irvine who played Pip wasn't so bad to look at.....
This is my cute advent calender for this year, my mum goes out and buys me and my sister similar ones and then puts it by the door on the 1st and says 'ooh look the postman has got you something!' even though we know it's her every year and the fact that my sister is 25 and I'm 17! I thought I'd also share a present from my friend from when she went to Ecuador last year. It's a little bit of a late Christmas present but then again better late than never! It's handmade and so pretty. I don't have many across the body bags, so this will definitely be a keeper!
Hop everyone is having a good week, not too long until Christmas now!!
Rhiannon xxx

Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Winterlicious Tag!

So I got tagged by the lovely Myriam! Her blog is so cute, I love looking at all the great stuff she buys and her beauty reviews!
So here we go....
Question One
Favourite Winter Nail Polish
I love a bit of a christmassy red around Christmas time and I don't think I'm alone in this! The first one is a very deep red, the second is a sparkly red and the third is a purple/red metallic polish, all great for winter! Although I don't get to wear nail polishes much (because I work with food) I almost always reach for a nice red polish when I do!
Question Two
Favourite Winter Lip Product

Carmex. My saviour throughout these winter months! I love the fact that it warms and tingles my lips. Hands down best lip balm I have. As you can see on my first one the top print has been worn away! 
Question Three
Most worn Winter Clothing Piece
I have expressed my love for this coat many times. Definitely going to be a keeper in my wardrobe for many years to come!
Question Four
Most Worn Winter Accessory
Ear muffs! Hats just mess you your hair, so these are the best things ever. I got them from Topshop ages ago but haven't worn them that much until this year! They're leopard print, so right on trend!
Question Five
Favourite Winter Scent or Candle

I don't really use candle's that often, so I'll just do my favourite scent! My first ever proper perfume was CK One, a musky smell which reminds me of Christmas because I got it as a christmas present years ago and my mum buys me a new bottle every year!
Question Six
Favourite Winter Beverage
Hot Blackcurrant squash. I like fruity teas but I always come back to blackcurrant squash with hot water! It reminds me of my childhood, so it'll always stay!
Question Seven
All Time Favourite Christmas Movie
Father Christmas, the cartoon one. We play it whilst we're putting up the christmas tree, so it's one that gets my into the festive mood!
Question Eight
Favourite Christmas Song
The christmas cds are on constant replay after the 1st december, in the kitchen, the car and the living room! This is one of my favourites!
Question Nine
Favourite Christmas Food/Treat
Pigs in Blankets. YUM is all I have to say. I'm a lover of bacon so this is just pure heaven. My mum only makes them at christmas so it's my favourite treat!
Question Ten
What is your Favourite Christmas Decoration
The fairy we've had for ages! It was my mums when she was a child, so it has to got up every year. Her leg gets sellotaped to the tree so she's stuck there until next year! haha
Question Eleven
What's at the top of your Christmas List
GHD straightens. My sister has some and they work so well, so I've been converted! I've got about 3 or 4 different cheap variations that I've tried but they've never worked as well.
Question Twelve
What are your Plans for Christmas this year
Christmas Eve is carols at my local church then fish and chips on the way home. Christmas day I'm working 9-11 :( my brother and grandad are round for christmas lunch, then my sister will be back in the evening. Boxing day I'm working too! So it'll definitely be a chill out day. Then the 27th is my dads birthday, so all the usual birthday bits then christmas sale shopping!! And of course watching all the rubbish telly and eating too much!
I Tag:
Anyone who wants to do this fun tag!!

Rhiannon xxx

I have my excuses.....

Hi guys! Sorry I've been away for a little while without much warning! But I'm officially back :)

Coat: Zara
Jumper: Peacocks
Leggings: TopShop
Broken Necklace: Sisters
Boots: H&M
Soo... let the boring outfits begin! I had no energy to put on something nice today, it was -4 when I left the house!! This coat has become my saviour so far this year, some of my classrooms are freezing cold so I keep my coat on! It's such a shame about that necklace, it was quite pretty and it was the first time I've worn it. It fell off as I got out of my car so I guess it's lucky that I didn't loose it around school otherwise I would've never found it!
There are a few reasons why I've been a bit AWOL recently. Number one was I had my driving test this Tuesday, so I was panicking about that, but thankfully I passed! Secondly I've had/still got a ton of work to do before next week and none of it is easy or quick! Thirdly I've been helping my sister decorate her new house, where I end up getting covered in dust after sanding doors down! Fourthly my friend's parents have been away so she's been round a few times and I've been to hers, which has distracted my massively! I think that's all!
Hope everyone has been having a good week and haven't frozen yet! haha
Rhiannon xxx

Friday, 7 December 2012


Jumper: Sister's/Asos
Jeans: M&S
*Warning* A lot of plain, jumper outfits are coming up in the next few weeks! I never have the energy to wear something pretty when it gets cold, all I want to do is curl up in bed in my pjs. Not fight my way through the shops to find any good presents! I went after sixth form today to get the majority of the presents and actually came back with most of them. I wrote a list before I came out so it made it so much easier to decide were to go first and what I need. I have quite an obsession with writing lists, I write one every weekend with stuff to do and plan to get them done before the end of it. This weekend I've got:
1) Clean Clive, he's looking really messy but I just haven't had the time, so I'll be pampering him tomorrow!
2) Finish all of my english essay, hopefully shouldn't take that long as we wrote down quite a lot of points in class, but I'll probably get distracted on here and won't finish it!
3) Finish my draft personal study for history, I'm writing about the suffragettes and overall it has to be 3000+ words, so far I've done 700 and that includes the title....
4) Wrap presents, I got a ton today plus all the wrapping paper and fancy bits, so I'm all set to go!
5) Paint my nails, they're in serious need of some TLC and have been neglected for ages. I'm thinking a sparkly red.... something christmasssy!
So I might not be posting for a few days, as you can see from my list I've got a lot of stuff to be getting on with and I've got work both days and my mums birthday! But I will probably be doing a winterlicious tag on sunday!
Hope you all have an awesome weekend!!
Rhiannon xxx
P.S The title is suppose to be an owl sound!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Let it snow!!

So today it officially snowed!! It started really early this morning, so of course I was hoping that I wouldn't have to go to school but they still opened it :( Then I finished at 11 and it had all gone! So sixth form will definitely be on for the rest of the week, although I've still got my fingers crossed for a white Christmas!

At school we had a major from the army to come in and talk to us about Afghanistan. It really opened my eyes up about what was going on, as from the news you don't really understand what is going on. I'm not gonna bore you guys about it all but what he said was really interesting! I've always wondered what life would be like there, I'd like to experience because I think it be a great to see the way other people live, some of you may be thinking what the hell is she talking about but it's something that I find really interesting and that I think others should learn about too!
Rhiannon xxx

Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Weird Christmas Tree!
The Drug Opera!
Christmas Market
Christmas Market
Me and my sister at the Drug Opera!

So after this holiday I am definitely up for Christmas now! We always do something Christmassy around this time of year, so with the opportunity of cheap eurostar tickets and hotel we jumped at the chance. The Christmas Markets were okay, we've seen better! Most of them were Christmas presents, so I bought a few prezzies and chocolates for my friends and we ate sooo many waffles! They're the best thing there.. I can still imagine the taste now! haha we tried to buy some from the supermarket but they were all hard and you couldn't heat them up again so it wasn't the same :( I loved getting the eurostar, it's less stressful than getting a plane, as we didn't have to worry about what seats we got and how big out bags were and what liquids we could take. Overall a nice break, we did see some snow but it soon turned into rain, oh well! It was soo christmassy there and I can't wait to start on my presents! I should have been more organised but I've planned what I'm going to get so hopefully it'll only take one or two trips.... Hopefully! haha

Hope everyone is having a good week so far

Rhiannon xxx

Friday, 30 November 2012

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells!

Jumper: Chairty shop/DIY lace
Jeans: Next
Coat: Zara
Scarf: New Look
Boots: H&M
Hello ladies! It's officially winter this morning :( Had to get the massive coat out plus scarf and gloves! Although when it starts getting frosty that means snow.... which I love! Snow is good but when it turns to ice I absolutely hate it. I've fallen over so many times from ice, once it was right outside my house and it turned out that I had fractured my wrist! Not fun. Anyway! Today my outfit is quite casual, when it gets this cold all I care about is keeping warm! So one of my many colourful scarfs is necessary to add a bit of jazz. I have wayy too many scarfs, all different colours and shapes! Although how many is too many.... really!!! One of my favourite things to wear in winter is jumpers, all you've got to do is shove them on and they'll look fab, I try to pick out ones with a cool pattern as they don't have to be  accessorised at all. Another favourite thing is scarfs and gloves, there's so many cute designs that I'm always so tempted every year!
I've actually go some news, I'm off to Brussels with my sister and mum tomorrow! We do something christmassy the first weekend of December every year and this year with cheap eurostar tickets and hotel, we have the chance to go! So I probably won't be posting until next Wednesday at the latest with all the pictures and everything! So I hope no one gets snowed in or flooded whilst I'm away and that everyone has a good weekend!
Rhiannon xxx

Thursday, 29 November 2012

A little Chanel, darling.

Cardigan: Primark
Top: American Eagle
Jeans and Scarf: New Look
Jacket: Zara
Bag: H&M
An update on the school front: I got no work done! The school website is down, so I can access any of my files, such a shame that I can't get that essay in.... It'll just give me more time to beat my brother at Mario Karts! haha. It's weird how rubbish he is even though he's a boy and 8 years older than me...! The cardigan kind of reminded me of Chanel style a bit, which is so pretty and lady like! I wasn't too sure what to wear with it but I think the lace top goes well. I adore that jacket, I've had it for too long and there's holes in the lining, but I'll just call that well loved! haha.
Rhiannon xxx

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Little Booties!

Jacket and Shoes: Topshop
Top: Primark
Jeans: Asos
Scarf: New Look
Necklace: Sister's

Hallloo there! Sorry I've been a bit AWOL, busy busy! You may have seen in my last post that I've been stressing out a bit and it hasn't stopped! haha I always say there's never enough hours in the day to get everything done. But I'm gonna start using my free periods at school to actually do some work! But I'll let you know how long that will last! I've just got back from parents evening with my mum and that went okay, everyone basically said that there shouldn't be any problems getting my target grades, but that I should speak up in class a bit more! But in most of the classes I've got some really loud and intimidating girls, so I don't say anything really! Besides that everyone seems happy with what I'm doing, except me really, I think that my work could be so much better with more time! Hopefully I'll find some over Christmas to catch up on everything :)

This is a pretty plain outfit but, as usual, the weather was looking fairly grim so this is what I came up with. I like wearing green clothes coz it contrasts well with my hair colour and I LOVE massive necklaces, they can really pull an outfit together and makes casual outfits a little bit more jazzy. These boots are a personal favourite of mine, soo comfortable, even though they may get my feet wet a little in the rain. They kind of remind me of Native Indians and what kind of clothes they'd wear ( Like Pocahontas)! They were actually my sister's but she threw them out ages ago, so since then they've been my babies!

Hope everyone is having a good week!

Rhiannon xxx

Monday, 26 November 2012

Headaches and Stress

Jumper: Primark
Top: International
Jeans: M&S
So today started off good, got up, had a shower then the stress began! Most of the time I decide what I'm going to wear when in the shower but today I had no idea then spent ages choosing, I was almost late! I blame the weather! haha It's sooo unpredictable I can't decide what to wear anymore! I love this top, it's so pretty and girly. I wore this with my green parka and black biker boots to toughen it up a bit! haha
So I started off thinking that I should be okay school work wise, nothing too big to do this week, then I realised how much time we have left until Christmas! Only 4 school weeks! Eeek! I've got so much to do before then, plus add on the Christmas presents and work then I'll literally have no free time to do anything :( And to top it off I have a headache thinking about it all! I think that's probably because I haven't drunk anything for most of the day and have been staring at this screen for too long! On that note I'm off to have a relaxing bath then I'm a Celebrity and bed!
Rhiannon xxx
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