Sunday, 5 July 2015

Instagram: Shirt Dress, Salted Caramel and a Festival

 July is probably one of my favourite months of the year (besides December and Christmas, obvs), it starts turning sunnier, there's no more exams or school, BBQs and picnics become a weekly event and everyone is generally in a better mood.

And a new shirt obsession is born! Smart and still so easy to wear, I picked this khaki military-style dress up from Miss Selfridge a few weeks ago and it's become a staple piece for me. I posted this OOTD about it, but I'm still just as excited about wearing it now as I was then.

So this weekend was my post-charity walk time, which means I shouldn't feel guilty for eating whatever I want (see below as an example...) Since then I've raised over £300 from friends and family - so I can't thank you all so much for helping me out! Catch that post here.

Citadel Festival 2015 London Victoria Park Summer

Eeek! Another reason to love July and the summer is festivals! I'll normally try and catch one each year and this time it's a newbie: Citadel 2015. It's a one day festival in London with two of my favourite artists, Bombay Bicycle Club and Ben Howard, headlining. From the description, it looks like a chilled out festival so exactly what is needed!

Salted Caramel and Chocolate Pot with butter Biscuits

And what a Sunday Instagram post would be without a foodie post? Feast (pun intended) your eyes on the glorious Salted Caramel and Chocolate Pot with butter biscuits. The dream... 

Pinterest Quote Eleanor Roosevelt

Any quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, you know you're going to love it. Being British, the tea analogy caught my eye and the clever double meaning. My Pinterest Quote addiction is back!

What's been your highlight this week? Let me know!

Thanks for reading.
Rhiannon x

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Book Review: The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul

Book Review The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul

"In a little coffee shop in one of the most dangerous places on earth, five very different women come together."

 Before now I had no idea where Kabul was, I knew it was in the Middle East but wouldn't be able to point it out on a map to you! My mum kept bugging me to read this book, so after I finished the wonderful The Year Of Taking Chances by Lucy Diamond, I picked up this book.

To say it opened my mind to a different part of the world is another thing, but because it focused on five very different women in Kabul highlighted the differences and clashes of culture and religion.  

The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul focuses on five characters:

  • Sunny, an American who wants to help keep her cafe and customers safe 
  • Yasmina, a young pregnant woman stolen from her village 
  • Isabel, an English journalist with a secret, 
  • Candance, a wealthy American who has fallen for an Afghan 
  • Halajan, a sixty-year-old month with a romantic secret.

The book flits perfectly between each character and captures the sights, sounds and smells of Kabul - more than short news report ever could. The way women are treated is almost another post's worth of debate and anger, but it's unbelieveable what is considered 'normal' there. From bombings, secret love affairs and a new start, it's a book that has it all.

I managed to finish this book in just over a week, and it's one of those books that you never want to end! As well as leaving you feeling like you've learnt something. I'd totally recommend The Little Coffee Shop in Kabul if you're looking for something out of the 'chic lit' and 'Harry Potter/Hunger Games/Game Of Thrones' brackets.

Have you read this book before? What do you think?

Rhiannon x

Thursday, 2 July 2015

OOTD: New Khaki Shirt Dress

Khaki Shirt Dress: £39 Miss Selfridge 

Moving on from actual shirts, I've found a new obsession in shirt dresses. Smart yet so easy to wear, I've been pairing this dress with a black leather jacket and heels for evenings out, but also with a denim jacket and sandals for work. 

It does annoyingly crease like anything, but the fabric is light for summer and still thick enough for winter with tights and boots. The sleeves are also the perfect length - not too short and not too long. I'm starting to sounds like the Goldilocks of dresses...! I usually find this length of sleeve so flattering and sophisticated, without being too frustrating or annoying and the gold buttons compliment the shade of khaki perfectly. 

I'm not a massive fan of belts that come with dresses, so I'll add on a brown plaited or snake skin belt of my own. It's on of those belts with two hooks that just confuse me so much that I give up in the end! Although it wouldn't totally look out of place in a Jurassic Park film (Hello Chris Pratt...) it's become my go-to throw on dress for both work and social, just by adding a few accessories and I'm good to go.

What do you think of this shirt? Have you got a favourite dress style?

Thanks for reading!

Rhiannon x

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

This Month I...

I've decided to start up a new monthly tag, how long I'll be able to keep it up for is anyones guess, but perhaps it's something I'll stick to! Even though I have my five year diary to reflect on each day, sometimes it's refreshing to look back on the month and see what you've accomplished....

Stag Coffee Cardiff Full English

This Month I... ate a blooming lot! For some reason this month I've definitely had the munchies.
It started off in Cardiff with a full English at Stag Coffee in Cardiff, then it was these low-fat homemade cupcakes (recipe here) and finally a well-deserved Raspberry & Cream Ice Cream in London. Guess that's a signal for ti take up jogging then...

OOTD Zara Denim Shirt and Topshop Gingham Leggings

This Month I...bought my new favourite denim shirt. Who knew that it'd be that easy to fall in love with a piece of denim? I've got a few OOTD's lined up with this classic shirt from Zara and obviously a dedicated post here.

Empire TV Series

This Month I... watched/became slightly addicted to Empire. In a nutshell, Empire is about a family in the music business fighting it out for the top spot, with lots of people trying to ruin it for them along the way. If you haven't started watching it you NEED to. Seriously.

Billy And Me Book Review By Giovanna Fletcher

This Month I... read Billy And Me by Giovanna Fletcher. Another chic lit book, but I really enjoyed this one and read it in a week, so it must've been good! You can read my full review here.

One Direction 1D Cardiff 2015

This Month I... saw One Direction and am proud of it. Even though they're a four piece now, they can still do an amazing job and the atmosphere beforehand was literally buzzing with happiness. And I wasn't the oldest person there!

So there you go, that's June gone and now we're over half way through the year! Cliche, but it is mad how fast the year has gone already.

Hope you enjoyed this post and please share what you ate/bought/watched/read/saw this month!

Rhiannon x

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Sunday, 28 June 2015

St Catherine's Midnight Walk June 2015

St Catherine's Midnight Walk June 2015

Last night I took part in the St Catherine's Midnight Walk, alongside my mum, walking 13 miles across Horsham at midnight. I mentioned in my Raising Money For St Catherine's Hospice in April about all the hard work the charity does to help patients with end of life care and specialist support for patients and also their family.

As the day came closer, I was nowhere near ready for walking 13 miles - so it was definitely going to be a struggle! But the great thing about fun charity runs or walks is that it's not about coming first or beating your personal best, it's about enjoying yourself whilst raising money for worthy charities at the same time.

St Catherine's Midnight Walk June 2015

St Catherine's Midnight Walk June 2015

This year was samba themed, so were were encouraged to dress up and me being me, left it to the last minute and couldn't find anything. Luckily they had a few ladies on hand to stick diamante designs on our face to get us in the spirit! Also, as we were walking through mostly lit streets from 11pm onwards, St Catherine's provided lights to attach to your trainers to help you along the day, which I thought was a nice touch.

After a quick conga round the field, hula hooping, exotic mocktails and a samba-style warm up, we were ready to go at 10:40pm!

We finally completed our 13 mile walk in 3 hours and 20 minutes which was pretty good! Along the way there was refreshment stops with sweets and drinks to keep our energy up and lots of family members and marshalls cheering us on too, which made all the difference.

I love charity walks and runs like this - the feeling after you've completed it and raised all that money is amazing. Marie Curie have lots of fun charity walks across the country you can view here and if you fancy seeing the capital during the night, Cancer Research have their Shine Night Walk in London this September.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and donated - it means so much to me and it'll make all the difference for St Catherine's.

Rhiannon x

Friday, 26 June 2015

Book Review: The Year Of Taking Chances by Lucy Diamond

Book Review The Year Of Taking Chances by Lucy Diamon Blogger Lifestyle

Call me cliche, but I do love a 'New Year New Me' style of book. It's exciting and refreshing to see how a character evolves throughout the year and keeps to their New Year Resolutions, amongst the ups and downs.

The Year Of Taking Chances has three main characters: Gemma, who is a mum and a wife with two kids and a passion to make clothes, a pregnant Saffron, who wants to escape the pressure of London living and Catlin, who returns to her home town after her mum passes away and discovers a family secret... All three women meet on New Year's Eve and strike up a relationship, which sees them relying more than ever on each other throughout the year.

I find that books with separate character chapters can be a bit hit and miss - sometimes they work and other times they just fall apart and have no relevance to each other. The Year Of Taking Chances definitely worked out for the better! I loved finding out more about each character and how they dealt with difficult experiences and worked together to form a strong bond of friendship - girl power! (Can't believe I just said that...)

The plot keeps you on your toes throughout and is generally a really enjoyable read that I'll pick up again. I've heard of Lucy Diamond before, so I'll be keeping an eye out for any other books by her! Overall I'd give The Year Od Taking Chances a 5/5, it's fast become a favourite of mine and I managed to read it within a week, so I know it's going to be a keeper.

Have you read this book before? Or any of Lucy Diamond's books that you can recommend?

Thanks for reading!

Rhiannon x
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Thursday, 25 June 2015

New MAC Purchase: Sheertone Blush in Peaches

MAC Sheertone Blush in Peaches and False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara Beauty Blogger Review

Payday means new MAC make-up purchases right?

On my weekend visit to Cardiff at the beginning of the month, I took full advantage of the city's amazing shopping selection and headed to Debenhams with 10% off all beauty products. This is my second MAC blusher purchase, following Fleur Power, and it's another beautiful shade to add to my collection.

MAC Sheertone Blush in Peaches and False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara Beauty Blogger Review

Blushers are one of my favourite products to use and it's rare for me to go without applying a pop of colour on my cheeks. I picked up the gorgeous Peaches Sheertone Blush after swiping numerous shades and leaving with a slightly odd (and pink) hand. Although the above image picks up the pink tones, it's much more of a coral shade in the flesh, making it the perfect summertime shade.

Although I was hesitant about the colour pay off, the Sheertone Blushers give you enough control to build up the colour and one swirl of a brush provides a lightweight and natural finish. I normally use the Real Techniques Cheek Brush or Body Shop Blusher Brush to apply this, across the apple of my cheeks and blending upwards.

MAC Sheertone Blush in Peaches and False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara Beauty Blogger Review

Along with the blusher and 10% off, MAC also added a free sample of their False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara. I've long been a fan of their Studio Fix mascara's and generally opt of a plastic brush instead of a bristle one, because they tend to clump for me!

Saying that, this brush isn't that bad and deposits enough of the mascara for natural fluttery eyelashes without looking like a spider. And it doesn't flake or drop - pray to the MAC gods! It's cute small size means it's perfect for taking on holiday or throwing in your bag on a night out without taking up too much space.

Have you tried this blusher before? What's your favourite MAC product?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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