Saturday, 23 May 2015

Review: Always The Bridesmaid by Lindsey Kelk

If you're ever in the need of a lighthearted chic-lit but still impactful and serious author, then Lindsey Kelk is the one for you. Her I Heart books make you want to travel to New York and never come back (seriously, I've tried!) and her latest edition is a fab page-turner.

Maddie is 31 years old, single and an assistant events planner to her awful boss. It begins with her best friend Lauren annoucing her engagement and shot-gun wedding, whilst another, Sarah, announces her divorce. So whilst juggling the bridezilla of the century, a mood-swinging divorcee, a fight for a promotion at work and stumbling through a steamy affair with a lawyer, Maddie reaches breaking point. It's a fun and exiciting romantic that represents the changes from your mid-twenties to a fully-fledge adult. 

I read this book in about 6 days and could not put it down, every time the train announced the next stop was mine I couldn't stop reading it. You never know what's coming round the corner and it's exciting to see how Maddie deals with the crazy things and accidents that happen to her.

Have you got a favourite chic lit authour? What's your go-to read at the moment?

Rhiannon x

P.S I'm safe guarding my signed copy now...

Thursday, 21 May 2015

What's My Face Worth?

What's My Face Worth? MAC Rimmel London L'Oreal Revlon Soap & Glory Bourjois Make-Up Beauty Blogger Blog

Not one to jump on the blogger bandwagon... but I've seen so many What's My Face Worth posts and was curious to see how much mine was. Generally I stick to highstreet brands, as I believe it's better to spend more on skincare because then you wouldn't need to spend as much on make-up as you already have a great base to work with. 

First up is foundation as I never use primer on a daily basis, I've recently chosen the MAC Face & Body Foundation after lusting for it for so long. I've got shade C1 as my skin is more yellow-toned than pink, you can read my full review on this product here. Once I've got a medium sized blob, I'll use a Real Techniques Brush to buff it in. Then it's onto concealer and I use the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer on shade Ivory and blend that in with a small fluffy brush. After that it's the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder in Vanille to set my base make-up.

Onto the important brows, I tend to go for pencil instead of powder (time is of the essence in the morning!) and I love using the Soap & Glory Archery Pencil in Blondeshell. Once that trauma is out of the way I sometimes add a little brown pencil eyeliner with the Revlon Eyeliner Pencil but some days I skip this altogether. Then I'll quickly swipe the L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara across my lashes, after curling them of course. And finally a natural flush of colour from MAC's Powder Blush in Fleur Power. If I'm feeling fancy I might add a dash of highlighter or swipe of lip crayon, but this is the basic of every day make-up I'll use!

Overall £84.26. More than I expected, maybe I should look at getting my face insured next time? I joke of course.

And this is the finished results. Pretty simple but I'm not one to spend hours on my make-up each day, I believe sleep is more important!

How much is your face worth? I'd love some links to your posts!

Rhiannon x

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Pointy Shoes

Primark Pointy Flat Shoes and Sandals Fashion Blogger Blog Shopping
 Both from Primark. Grey pair £6 Black pair £10

If you've seen my last few OOTD's, then you'll probably heard me prattle on about these shoes enough times. But it's time they got their own post, and also so I can write all about two pair of shoes without feeling like I'm boring you to death. 

Primark Pointy Flat Shoes and Sandals Fashion Blogger Blog Shopping

A weird hybrid between gladiator shoes and pumps, this pair has slowly grown on me. My feet are normally between a UK size at 5-6, but even the 5 are a little too big. They have a lace-up tie at the front and a zip for the heel and ankle, so these babies definitely won't fall off your feet. 

These are perfect for warm summer days and can be worn to work or with a casual outfit because they've just that versatile. I love wearing them with blue skinny jeans with the hem rolled up or with skirts and tights. 

Primark Pointy Flat Shoes and Sandals Fashion Blogger Blog Shopping

 My favourite pair out of the two, they're a grey dove colour in a soft suede fabric with a cross over strap and buckle on the side. I've worn these so much, there's a little crease forming on the tip of the point. which is a little annoying but shows they're worn in and well loved. Compared to the last pair, these are a slightly smarter flat sandal, so don't try wearing these on a rainy day! Usually I'll pair these with jeans and especially with rolled up boyfriend jeans and a white t-shirt.

What do you think of these shoes? Have you got a favourite pointy pair of shoes?

Rhiannon x

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Instagram: Meeting Lindsey Kelk, Cupcakes and #TheLiveShoot

To say this has been another crazy week is an understatement! I was so glad to see Friday come around that I can't believe that it's almost Monday again. Ever wish that it was a three day weekend? Definitely something the new government should consider.

My sister sent this picture of me eating a wedding cake from a few weekends ago. Needless to say the bride and groom weren't around to see the picture, but it was just too tempting not to fake-eat it!

And I finally met one of my favourite authors! I mentioned in this post last week that I was going to an author event to meet Lindsey Kelk who's written the I Heart series, which I'm obsessed with. After the talk, signing books and taking pictures, we went to Jamie's for dinner, then bumped into her outside again and asked for another photo. She probably thought I was a stalker...

Instagram: Meeting Lindsey Kelk, Cupcakes and #TheLiveShoot
Yesterday I went along to #TheLiveShoot with Elle magazine and GHD hair to watch their August photo shoot and have our hair styled by GHD stylists with the new Platinum straighteners. It was actually a really good event, despite queueing for hours and the event running out of goody bags and food and drink. Anton styled my hair with loose curls that lasted all day and it was great to chat to someone about what styles would suit my hair and he almost convinced me to go short again. But we won't go that far!

After that we strolled along Kensington Gardens in the sunshine, watching people eating picnics and lolling around in the park. Sums up a pretty good Saturday to me!

What's been your highlight this week?

Rhiannon x

Saturday, 16 May 2015

A Day In London

It's weird that even though I work during the week in London, I never get to explore London. Not unless you call a quick whizz around Oxford Street a sight-seeing spot. So armed with my London Bucket List, I headed off with a friend to Primrose Hill (I didn't say they weren't going to be cliche...)

Primrose Hill House London Posh

We caught the tube to St John's Wood and walked through all the posh houses in Primrose Hill - and they're serious posh! My Nanny used to live here when she was a girl and said it was such an awful area before it's amazing to see these houses now. This was one of my favourites, the white walls, black gates, stairs and climbing flowers looked so pretty.

Primrose Hill London

 And we finally made it to Primrose Hill! Even though it wasn't the clearest of days, you could see the business area (middle to the left), the Shard (middle to the right), the BT Tower (right), London Eye (right) and so much more that wouldn't fit in the frame. I'd definitely come back in the summer when it's warmer and lighter with a picnic and Pimms of course!

Primrose Hill London

Yes it was super windy at the top!

Camden Market London

Primrose Hill London

We then had a look around the area and a nose in all the posh shops, which was quite entertaining!

Sweet Things Primrose Hill London

The obligatory mid-morning foodie stop at Sweet Things and their award winning scones had to be take up. Serious yummy, and real clotted cream which made me super excited - guess I'm just way too British!

Primrose Hill London

Primrose Hill London
We decided that this shop is how we'd want our house to look like. Squishy cushions, a massive bed and mismatched glasses and kitchen utensils, oh so Pinterest!

Camden Market London

We swung by Camden Market for a nose around and found this camera-tech heaven. Think of all the photos taken with these! We didn't stay too long because it was rammed busy on a Saturday and half of it is under reconstruction still :(

Five Guys Burger Covent Garden London
 Obvs no London trip was without a dirty Five Guys Burger in Covent Garden. And I've finally realised where I was going wrong, tomatoes make the burger soggy every time, so they'll be coming out of my order.

Buckingham Palace Easel Princess Charlotte London

And because we went on the day Princess Charlotte was born, we headed towards Buckingham Palace to see the announcement easel. Everyone had flags and were feeling so patriotic, it was actually a great time to be in the capital.

After ticking off Primrose Hill on my London Bucket List, there's still a ton to explore and see this summer, so watch out for those posts.

What's your favourite part of London?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Review: Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner

Review: Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisture & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner Beauty Blogger Blog
When it comes to choosing shampoos, I'll normally stick to my favourites of Aussie and L'Oreal but I found these in Wilko at just £3.75 each - so it was hard to say no really! I've used old style Herbal Esscences before and found that they're a great standard haircare brand, and they have such a massive range that you'll definitely be able to find something to cater your hair.

Review: Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisture & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner Beauty Blogger Blog

Review: Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisture & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner Beauty Blogger Blog

A bit of hair background: mine tends to veer towards the curly and frizzy end of the spectrum, but with the right products (and patience) it's manageable. Fail that, there's always a hair band or bobby pin.

As with all Herbal Essences products, these smells just gorgeous with a slight coconutty scent that lingers in your hair. It says ideal for dry and damaged hair, which I'd definitely agree with because after using these two and blow drying, my hair feels super soft and silky I spend a few minutes just stroking it. They're super easy to lather in your hair because of the SLS in it, so people with sensitive scalps might find this a little irritating.

The only downside is that after washing, my hair only seems to last two days tops, whereas before I could get away with a third day, plus a ton of dry shampoo. So if you get greasy hair, then I wouldn't recommend this but they're targeted for dry and damaged hair anyway.

Besides that, these two are lovely for adding extra hydration and moisturiser for your hair, without breaking the bank. I'll definitely try these again, and perhaps a few more from their range too.

Have you tried these before? What's your favourite haircare brand?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

OOTD: Pointed Flats and a Blazer

OOTD: Pointed Flats and a Blazer New Look Primark H&M Accessorise Fashion Blog Blogger

Mac: H&M
Blazer and Skirt: New Look
Top and Shoes: Primark
Bag and Necklace: Accessorize

Annoingly you can't see my new shoes in this picture! They're these black lace up pointed flats from Primark and I'm still wearing them to death. Even if they do make my feet look like a giant's. This blazer has also been my go-to jacket for work, because even though it's summer, the office I work feels like a freezer sometimes, so it's still layers even in May!

I'm planning to do a seperate post about my new pointed flats from Primark, as they'll be a definite staple in my up coming outfits - so you'll probably get sick to death of hearing about them! But I'm not as fickle with shoes as I am clothes, once I find a pair I love then I generally stick to them, especially my Converse. I think someone will have to prise them off my feet to stop me from wearing them 24/7.  

Have you got a favourite pair of shoes? What do you think of this outfit?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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